Make five 12 inch pizza crusts using whole wheat fresh milled flour.  I use a Nutrimill miller to grind up wheat into whole wheat flour.  I leave in the wheat germ for extra health benefits.  These pizzas taste incredible and my whole family loves them.  You can cook and freeze for later, or cook, add toppings, and re-cook for a delicious meal.
I freeze two at a time in large grocery bags but I've heard you can buy turkey baster bags and they will fit perfectly.  Another tip; grate mozzarella and freeze for quickly making pizzas instead of ordering take-out, you'll save a bundle!
If you don't have a miller you can substitute for whole wheat store bought flour.

Step 1: Mill Your Flour

I milled about 8 cups of wheat and probably should have done a little less but I’m still getting used to this machine.
If you don't have a miller you can use whole wheat store bought flour.

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