Step 2: Activate Yeast

In your mixer bowl, combine the yeast, sugar and warm water.  Give this a stir for about a minute then let it sit and activate for about 5 minutes
Oh, and we just tried the recipe. Tasted great!
Love your username! <br>
I can see you are working with Kitchen Aid, this is a great tool I've heard. Are you happy with it ? <br />
Still no answer about that Kitchen Aid ?
Sorry, sounded like a comment with a sales pitch attached, not about the instructable. <br>But yes, I do like my kitchen aid, I upgraded to a pro to be able to do more with it at a time ( up to 12 cups of flour in the pro )
We had this last night and it was awesome. For toppings we used tomatoes, feta, black olives and orange bell peppers. We used a mix of mozza and fresh parm for the cheese. Incredible!
Just had homemade pizza last nite using this dough recipe, DELICIOUS!!! 5/5

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