Why Isn't My Remote Working? Remote Hiding Place


Introduction: Why Isn't My Remote Working? Remote Hiding Place

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This is very simple but I thought I'd post it. This will NOT harm your remote.

Step 1: Supply(s)

Get a remote (preferably one you never use), a screw driver (if your remote has a screw, mine doesn't), and something to hide.

Step 2: Remove Battery(s)

Remove the battery cover (if you don't know what I mean look at the pic) and then remove the battery.

Step 3: Insert Goodies

If it is a note or money you need to hide roll it up tightly and place in empty compartment. if anything else it has to be small, but just place inside. replace the battery cover and then place it inconspicuously on a shelf or wherever you keep your remotes. If you like this please vote. Thanks! =)



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    and sorry if that sounded rude, it wasn't supposed to

    Yes, that's why I used one that nobody ever uses

    Don't you think a person will check the batteries if the remote is not working?