Step 7: Other College Meal Preservation Ideas

There is a lot of food which you can prepare and then eat on the go when you're a busy student like we are. Dried fruit, granola bars, and foods than can be frozen and heated up for breakfast, lunch or dinner (we especially love banana bread) are major time savers.

I was also planning to make an instructable on sauerkraut, a very nutritious food with lots of great applications. (We eat it on our eggs for breakfast.) But it's already been done! You can find instructions on making sauerkraut here.

Lastly, investing in a dehydrator was one of the best culinary choices we made this year. When fruit is readily available in the summer (we run craigslist ads looking for people who want their fruit trees picked) it can be collected and preserved. Apple chips are a delicious snack food item, and a lot healthier than their fried potato counterparts!

We would love to hear back from you with your ideas for college meals, or requests for instructables on things you've heard are good.

Missing one bit - the end of Step 4, how long should the full jars be boiled? And you should probably mention the thing with the lids popping down, and if they don't (and therefore are not sealed) either reboil the jar or refrigerate and eat the jam straight away. <br>Thanks, though - plenty of good info. I just took a 3-week(?!) course on making strawberry jam, and your instructable is more informative than that was.
hahha i remember. a couple days ago i was working an saw these. 4-3 days later i have a rash because of poison oak. man i went to town on those thing. so good. it was worth getting poison oak. my parent thinks it from camping a couple days ago but i dont think so
&nbsp;Growing up in Washington state I remember my hands being purple by virtue of it being summer. Of course I picked the blackberries in shorts. If the&nbsp;blackberries&nbsp;were ripe, it was the only short wearing weather we had!!!

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