Why Your Corporate 40 Hour a Week Job Life Sucks ! (and How You Might Get Out)




Introduction: Why Your Corporate 40 Hour a Week Job Life Sucks ! (and How You Might Get Out)

ever find yourself going to work, dragging but ??? ..dragging yourself out of bed with an alarm clock and waiting till the last minute , andgetting into all that same traffic with everyone else waiting till the last minute to leave, enjoying the few last minutes of precious home time before going to the slave grind ball and chain ...

it's because it's designed for you , corporate slave, to spend your wakeful hours productively producing profit for someone else while you get to do the drudgery -- u get home and are too tired to do much of anything for yourself besides relax and sometimes even have to take calls for work/ emails because of getting so wound up in the calls, emails and meetings at works and the big boss or tall boss and others 'corporate peer pressuring you' , even talking shop at lunch ---

life isnt supposed to be about work and taking work home to live work and think about work all the time ..

there's a reason why this rat - race really sucks .. and here it is .....

Step 1: Take a Little Trip ... (or Take a Long One, of Discovery)

A guy took a 9 month trip to spend time in other countries....

Here's what he found .....

His account upon return :


The ultimate tool for corporations to sustain a culture of this sort is
to develop the 40-hour workweek as the normal lifestyle. Under these working conditions people have to build a life in the evenings and on weekends. This arrangement makes us naturally more inclined to spend heavily on entertainment and conveniences because our free time is so scarce.

I’ve only been back at work for a few days, but already I’m noticing that the more wholesome activities are quickly dropping out of my life: walking, exercising, reading, meditating, and extra writing.

The one conspicuous similarity between these activities is that they cost little or no money, but they take time.

Suddenly I have a lot more money and a lot less time, which means I have a lot more in common with the typical working North American than I did a few months ago. While I was abroad I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending the day wandering through a national park or reading my book on the beach for a few hours. Now that kind of stuff feels like it’s out of the question. Doing either one would take most of one of my precious weekend days!

The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is exercise. It’s also the last thing I want to do after dinner or before bed or as soon as I wake, and that’s really all the time I have on a weekday."



Step 2: Henry Ford - Every Body Followed the M-F 40 Week Established...

People actually worked more -- so when this establishement of hours was mandated , most other companies followed the lead --- (people worked 10 and 14 hour days, then there was lobby for a 30 hr week ... )

I actually worked a salaried job where towards the end they mandated going to lunch at 12pm and returning at 1pm, and also coming in by 830am .. so much for salary, -- that is hourly .. they wanted free overtime and the control of an hourly worker .. funny companies that get government contracts .... .. lots of interoffice politics ...

and skirmishes and rumors and backtalking...




Step 3: Get Out If U Can .... a Little Effort(or a Lot) Can Give You Back Your Happiness and Peace of Mind...

If you have a good thing going by all means stay , but if you're like most .. dreading the drudgery of clock watching in the afternoon ... get out anyway you can ... 'keeping up with the Jones' ' is probably is running that rat wheel, not spending quality time with family and missing out on your hobbies and projects, and lacking travel / exploration plans , dont get to the end with a full 'bucket list' !

If you have kids /wife/ husband to support ... look at safe options ... but most people are literally killing themselves , if not by the commute to and fro .. then by the environment within the office to contend with.

One option: (work from home jobs)


You can also sell online---be creative .. make things to sell. Use your skills, learn a little marketing, listen to some motivational audio/videos speakers, read books. People often visit garage sales, save coupons, sell at flee markets and online and are happy to not have to get into the 730 or 830am traffic and worry about getting 'laid off' or 'downsized' someday .... 'Where there's a will, there's a way.'



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