Wi-Fi Hack /mod





Introduction: Wi-Fi Hack /mod

another way to "MAKE or Break" your new wireless adapters

Step 1: Reverse - Engineering Ur Adapter

Depending on the adapter u are going to use this process may vary some

Step 2: Required Modifacation

make a hole big enough for the antenna to come out . I use the pyrotechnic approach on the carpet .....shh!

Step 3: Connecting Parts

U will most likley need a mini pigtail yoy can buy them or rip them out of old laptops dell and toshiba have good ones!

Step 4: Plug in Ur Hardware and Try It Out

i use http://www.netstumbler.com to analyze performance gains



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Hi been a long time since i have been logged in but here i am ! thanks to all who viewed my instructables 93,076 views lol nice ! I have been dabbling in some different things other than computers . so expect some interesting things to come :-)

what,that,minipigtail?Man those are ultra small!

Is there a way that I can use a directional device to hack into stuff rather than using a computer?

What if your laptop already has a card built in any way to exstend range?

Actually, you can improve your range by adding an external antenna. First, you need to open your computer and locate the WiFi card. Figure out a route for your pigtail to exit the computer and, if need be, drill a hole for it to pass through. You can purchase pigtail cables with appropriate connectors at each end so you can mount the port for your external antenna on the notebook.

Any other ways? cause id break somthing if i took apart my laptop any body know any other ways (thxs LasVegas).

There is a USB powered extender that attaches outside of the notebook and boosts any local signal without actually touching the WiFi card. It's called the Quicky!

IF you dont want to open your laptop or pay that much cash for the quicky do the actual instructable and run off that card instead of your other one or just get a 30$ wireless g adapter and mod the wittly bitty antenna.

What im talking about.What im talking about.