In this video I will show you how to build a wifi jammer that works on the 2,4GHz spectrum. I have simplified the design to make it much easier to follow and build. It is now powered by a removable battery that can be taken out and charged. Check the links below for all the parts on ebay.

Transmitter: http://goo.gl/vCdiVR Project box: http://goo.gl/7ows1g SMA Female bulkhead Crimp RG316 Cable Pigtail: http://goo.gl/2RZWhn Plastic Battery Holder: http://goo.gl/5j72yN Schematic: https://goo.gl/UN1kYR

<p>Yeah I'm not sure if I'm going to favorite this lol. It might put you on a list :P</p>
Its actually not illegal to own a frequence jammer in the us. Its illegal to opperate or sell one though. A simple google search and you guys could have figured that out before claiming wether it is or isnt.
<p>What about using 8 channel transmitters, couldnt you get away with only using 2 transmitters then? Also they are cheaper in some cases than the 4 channel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4-GHz-8CH-Wireless-FM-A-V-Transmitter-Stereo-Audio-Video-Transmitting-Module-/171530394019?hash=item27f00219a3:g:UIwAAOSw~1FUWjMG could someone tell me if im wrong or should i just buy those. </p>
<p>Following the drawings asterix93 showing, fried the chips. Found some other online, showing VCC &amp; GND switched. Still no luck though. Fried 3 chips before using the other wiring, though no luck jamming anything, and I don't have instruments to measure wether they're actually transmitting anything.</p>
I'm going to try this at my school
<p>Hello, I'm new to the forum, I wanted to know how they should be the 4-pin jumpers on this card model TX24017<br> I get it right?<br> gnd / ch1<br> gnd / ch2<br> gnd / ch3<br> gnd / ch1-2-3-4</p>
If anyone was wondering, it is illegal to even own one of these in the US. I dont know anout other countries but you cant have one in the US.
<p>Intentionally jamming a shared, unlicenced band in the UK: Also illegal.</p><p>And really quite antisocial. The keyword there was <strong>shared</strong>.</p><p>Your neighbours must love you :(</p>
i wasn't trying to be mean, i actually really love the idea, and i was going to make one, but i was sad to find that it was illegal to own one in the US, so i was just warning other people do they didnt get arrested
<p>Apologies, I wasn't being mean (to you, Shock-Tech) -- my comment was directed more at the author. I omitted a clarifying @andrew, given where my reply landed.</p><p>I can't defend the idea of deliberately spoiling a limited shared resource. Sorry if that comes across as iTree hugging. But WiFi is an contended service already from people using it, never mind jamming it.</p><p>Illegal or not (and it is), it's still not a nice thing to do. </p><p>If you do do this, please make a really good job of it and get noticed for &quot;maliciously tampering with a communication system contrary to section umpty-mumble of the Terrorism Act&quot; by some REALLY humourless government person. You know what I mean?</p><p>What next, instructables on how to successfully put noxious stuff in the town's drinking water? Or to chop through you're neighbour's broadband/fibre, for fun, naturally?:)</p>
also i love your instructables MikB. im working on a pinebox now. really amazing idea.
ok yeah, sorry i just took that the wrong way.
<p>neat now for 5 ghz thanx</p>

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