WiFi Jammer


Introduction: WiFi Jammer

In this video I will show you how to build a wifi jammer that works on the 2,4GHz spectrum. I have simplified the design to make it much easier to follow and build. It is now powered by a removable battery that can be taken out and charged. Check the links below for all the parts on ebay.

Transmitter: http://goo.gl/vCdiVR Project box: http://goo.gl/7ows1g SMA Female bulkhead Crimp RG316 Cable Pigtail: http://goo.gl/2RZWhn Plastic Battery Holder: http://goo.gl/5j72yN Schematic: https://goo.gl/UN1kYR



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    Yeah I'm not sure if I'm going to favorite this lol. It might put you on a list :P

    Its actually not illegal to own a frequence jammer in the us. Its illegal to opperate or sell one though. A simple google search and you guys could have figured that out before claiming wether it is or isnt.

    What about using 8 channel transmitters, couldnt you get away with only using 2 transmitters then? Also they are cheaper in some cases than the 4 channel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4-GHz-8CH-Wireless-FM-A-V-Transmitter-Stereo-Audio-Video-Transmitting-Module-/171530394019?hash=item27f00219a3:g:UIwAAOSw~1FUWjMG could someone tell me if im wrong or should i just buy those.

    Following the drawings asterix93 showing, fried the chips. Found some other online, showing VCC & GND switched. Still no luck though. Fried 3 chips before using the other wiring, though no luck jamming anything, and I don't have instruments to measure wether they're actually transmitting anything.

    I'm going to try this at my school

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I wanted to know how they should be the 4-pin jumpers on this card model TX24017
    I get it right?
    gnd / ch1
    gnd / ch2
    gnd / ch3
    gnd / ch1-2-3-4


    If anyone was wondering, it is illegal to even own one of these in the US. I dont know anout other countries but you cant have one in the US.

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    Intentionally jamming a shared, unlicenced band in the UK: Also illegal.

    And really quite antisocial. The keyword there was shared.

    Your neighbours must love you :(

    i wasn't trying to be mean, i actually really love the idea, and i was going to make one, but i was sad to find that it was illegal to own one in the US, so i was just warning other people do they didnt get arrested

    Apologies, I wasn't being mean (to you, Shock-Tech) -- my comment was directed more at the author. I omitted a clarifying @andrew, given where my reply landed.

    I can't defend the idea of deliberately spoiling a limited shared resource. Sorry if that comes across as iTree hugging. But WiFi is an contended service already from people using it, never mind jamming it.

    Illegal or not (and it is), it's still not a nice thing to do.

    If you do do this, please make a really good job of it and get noticed for "maliciously tampering with a communication system contrary to section umpty-mumble of the Terrorism Act" by some REALLY humourless government person. You know what I mean?

    What next, instructables on how to successfully put noxious stuff in the town's drinking water? Or to chop through you're neighbour's broadband/fibre, for fun, naturally?:)

    also i love your instructables MikB. im working on a pinebox now. really amazing idea.

    ok yeah, sorry i just took that the wrong way.

    neat now for 5 ghz thanx