Welcome to my fourth instructable (since a looong time) !

This one is about modifying a Stunt (or reversible/rugged) RC car to be able to be controlled by an Android device via wi-fi.

The RC car that will be used in this instructable is a chinese rugged reversible ''stunt'' car.

It is radio controlled via FM modulation (49 or 27MHz depending on version).

After the tutorial, the car WILL NOT work with the original remote, but only with an Android device (phone/tablet).

The RC car WILL be modified (i.e. control board ripped out) so please read the instructable ENTIRELY and then decide if you are willing (or have the skill) to modify your RC toy.

Although we will be using this specific model, this instructable can be applied to any RC car with ''tank-style'' control.

Also, if you are building it and are stuck or have any questions, feel free to put it in the comments below !

And now, let's proceed to the very first step: Required stuff

Step 1: Required Stuff

Required tools:

  • Soldering iron w/ solder wire
  • (Optional) hot glue gun
  • Cutting pliers and/or hobby knife
  • Phillips screwdriver (medium)

Required parts:

Total cost of parts should be under (or around) 50$

Required software:

  • Arduino IDE (a recent enough version to have ''board manager'')
<p>Hi, that,s a great job. </p><p>i have problem with compiling code in arduino IDE, it keep get error of not defined in this scope and so.</p><p>like this &quot;'setupWiFi' was not declared in this scope&quot;</p>
Did you install the esp8266 arduino addon? And did you select the WeMos board (tools-&gt;boards) ? Recheck and follow the steps (maybe check out the sparkfun tutorial that I linked). If you're still having problems, just reply with a screenshot of the errors.<br> John
<p>Whoa, that's super quick and responsive. Very nicely done!</p>

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