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A very simple Smart Phone MOD using household Materials (or a 3d Printer) and a Disposable Camera.
This mod is completely removable, and will not void warranty!

- This should take from 1 - 120 min depending on skill level
- This Instuctable involves the use of tools. 
- This Instuctable should prove fun and offer great satisfaction.
    (If in the event you do not have fun and/or are not satisfied with the results, consider relaxing and re-attempting at a later time.)

Step 1:

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If you own a 3d printer (if not check out the Objet and Up! 3D printers) you can skip most of the steps and get to taking pictures! Download this 3d Model, import it into 123D and print(with minor adjustment if using a different Disposable camera).


-Super Glue
-A way to smooth edges
-Sharp Blade tool
-Disposable Camera
-Flush cut pliers
-Some small drivers
-Double Sided tape

Step 2:

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Take Apart a digital camera. Remove the battery, safely discharge the capacitor. Be Careful it hurts if you get zapped. Remove the eyepiece lenses, cut them if they are attached.

Step 3:

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Measure the lens and make adjustments if using a different camera. Clean the lens thoroughly any dirt or scratches will cause adverse effects. Attach lenses together with a small amount of glue. 

Step 4:

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Cut a 4 cm x 6 cm piece of plexiglass.(the unit)
Cut a 2.6 cm x 2.6 cm square piece of plexiglass.(the mounting plate)

Cut a 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm square slot in one end of the plexiglass. ( This is where the unit and plate merge to become almighty and powerful)
Cut a 10mm x 15mm rectangular hole in the other end.  (This should be the rough size of your lens assembly) 

Step 5:

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Grind the inner edges of the 2.5cm hole(the larger one) so that the space between the two sides form a trapezoid. On the 2.5cm square place a piece of double sided tape on the 'Smaller' side. Make sure to grind a little at a time. This will form the lock and is critical to structural integrity.

Step 6:

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Fit the lens assembly to the superstructure and adhere with Super Glue

Step 7:

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Line the lens up with your Smart Phone Camera. Adhere the the square to your smart phone. Slide the unit off to test fitting.

Step 8:

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Enjoy the fruits! It adds about 30% more view with my Smart Phone over stock. If your image is blurry, check for dust/smudges on the lens assembly. I will be using this mount for a few more awesome smart phone modifications. Make sure to subscribe if you like this Instuctable! 


ImageMaker (author)2013-10-22

Nice use of the afocal property of a typical film camera viewfinder. This should also work with the $1 "almost disposable" cameras you often find at Goodwill and other thrift stores (though they're less common than they were a couple years ago).

unstoptheday (author)2012-06-07

Wow! Great job.

HydeTheJekyll (author)2012-06-06

Awesome! Glad you like it. The next person that comments will get a psychic high five that you will feel!*

*Feeling of high five is dependent on contestants ability to pretend and slap a hard surface simultaneously.

dreiseratops (author)2012-06-05

Dig it.

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