video Wide-Angle and Fish-Eye Camera Lens Adptor for $5
How to build a lens adaptor for your camera for about $5-10. This adaptor allows you to get wide angle shots up to 200 degrees field of view and take funny fish-eye effect photos. Uses only commonly availible materials. The entire process and example photos are shown in the video.

Photo-Garr82 years ago
Clever idea and easy to follow vid. Thank you. ☺
Anykey3 years ago
when you said you've glued it , you've sprayed adhesive it ? or super glue ?
Anykey Anykey3 years ago
I mean , for the thing you have to put on the lens in the pipe
ZoDo4 years ago
Amazing!!! and realy easy to make.
KovuKora4 years ago
Wow, sweet! I'm totally gonna make this for my own camera!
geemarc126 years ago
hi i live in england and i cant seem to find them any where any ieas where i could get one from because im not willing to pay like £400 for one im a skater so i need one for mine and my friends skate videos
thats a great idea for a skater. a little tip: try amazon or ebay. if you have it there in england.

You can probably get them from Wilko's, Homebase, Focus, B&Q, Wickes and anywhere like that. Any DIY type shops should sell them for a couple of quid.
You can get them on Amazon...
sjoobbani5 years ago
I have trouble with 2 things:


Focus: i tried on landscape, i tried autofocus, and I tried macro. what to do? still blurry, i understand the edge's could be blurry, but the whole thing?

Lighting: everything seems a darker, and flash ruins things even more. tried different exposures, brightness... only thing to do, is use the Nightvision mode on the camera, from my 'ible : and that makes everything green, so...
please help.
PetervG7 years ago
Great instructions on this! I have one of those things, and It's hard to just hold it on my camera, so maybe I'll do this. Too bad it wouldn't work for my D40.
You can always try making a mount for your D40. I have a D50 and it would be awesome to use a peep hole. I have thought ways to mount a peep hole on a DSLR. My thought was to use a lens cap and mount the peep hole to that. I think  the  setup in this instructable could be adapted to that. Just drill a hole in the lens cap big enough for the PVC pipe. Then glue the pipe in the hole. Of course you want to be extra careful that the pipe wont touch your lens and scratch it. I should try it out and make an instructable.
turbogunz6 years ago
ummm what's the diameter of the pipe.. or does it depend on the thickness of the camera lens.. hm.. but then that would make it a bit less simple having to find those measurements and stuff.. hm.. aweeeeeesome idea though! just what i'm looking for
shoemaker (author)  turbogunz6 years ago
Right, you kind of need to start with the diameter of your camera lens. In this instructabel I used 3/4 inch. Other cameras may vary.
yeah.. sorry i was being dumb thanks man, this instructable rules
SpiroExDeus6 years ago
Hm. Why does this have a totally unrelated (although interesting) video about making a mini motor with it?
shoemaker (author)  SpiroExDeus6 years ago
Thanks for letting me know that I had the video mixed up. The correct video is up now. Cobbler
Hey guys I have a flash video mino and i was wondering if there was a way I could use this fisheye trick on it. As you may know, the lens is built into the device so it would be very difficult to come up with a solution. But I did find this:

karawara6 years ago
do u sell that thing?, im desperately willing to buy from you
benitbaby17 years ago
this is a great idea. but the only question i have is that is there any other way of doing this cause my dad said he dosnt want me to buy a peephole cause he said it sucks. but i dont think id does.
shoemaker (author)  benitbaby17 years ago
This method does not produce poster quality photos, but the quality is quite good. You would probably use this thing mostly for fun anyway. There are ways to get better fisheye photos, but these involve much higher costs.
codester7 years ago
Shoemaker; you are going to be the next KipKay.
Izokay7 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for the idea. I made one of these for my camcorder.
Sgt.Waffles7 years ago
GREAT instructable! I have a lot of aquariums, and some times its hard to get all of the tank in one shot with enough detail. This will be GREAT! Kudos to you, + and faves!
theking7 years ago
You got that from a chinese dollar store thats where i got the same one
whatsisface7 years ago
Fantastic, bravo!
Yes this is an amazing invention! Kudos shoemaker!
iKill7 years ago
wow, all i can say. a simply incredible instructable i wish there was a contest for homebrew photography.