Wide-Angle and Fish-Eye Camera Lens Adptor for $5





Introduction: Wide-Angle and Fish-Eye Camera Lens Adptor for $5

How to build a lens adaptor for your camera for about $5-10. This adaptor allows you to get wide angle shots up to 200 degrees field of view and take funny fish-eye effect photos. Uses only commonly availible materials. The entire process and example photos are shown in the video.



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    Clever idea and easy to follow vid. Thank you. ☺

    when you said you've glued it , you've sprayed adhesive it ? or super glue ?

    I mean , for the thing you have to put on the lens in the pipe


    Amazing!!! and realy easy to make.

    Wow, sweet! I'm totally gonna make this for my own camera!

    hi i live in england and i cant seem to find them any where any ieas where i could get one from because im not willing to pay like £400 for one im a skater so i need one for mine and my friends skate videos

    thats a great idea for a skater. a little tip: try amazon or ebay. if you have it there in england.

    You can probably get them from Wilko's, Homebase, Focus, B&Q, Wickes and anywhere like that. Any DIY type shops should sell them for a couple of quid.

    I have trouble with 2 things:


    Focus: i tried on landscape, i tried autofocus, and I tried macro. what to do? still blurry, i understand the edge's could be blurry, but the whole thing?

    Lighting: everything seems a darker, and flash ruins things even more. tried different exposures, brightness... only thing to do, is use the Nightvision mode on the camera, from my 'ible : and that makes everything green, so...
    please help.