Wide Screen Rear Projection Screen for Under $20





Introduction: Wide Screen Rear Projection Screen for Under $20

My Favorite 16:9 Rear Projection Screen: InterDesign EVA Shower X-Wide Shower Curtain = $12 - $14   (Target)(Amazon)

In fact if you have two projectors and two screens you can have double the fun for under $30.
Additionally,  If you only have a standard projector that displays a 4:3 image vs a 16:9 image, you can just go to target and pick up one of the home essential frost shower curtains.  They are 72" x 72"  and hold light better than the EVA Shower Curtains. 

Note:  The Picture I have attached is shot from behind the curtains where the projectors are located.  Rear Projection means that the majority of the light, colors, and image vibrancy are seen from the other side of where is picture was taken.   So just trust me on this one.  $14 is a steal for one of the largest rear projection screens you can buy for under $600.

Hope it helps leave questions and / or comments below.

Well there you have it !
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How far from the screen do you put the projector. Thinking about doing this for scouts. Trying to see how much room I will need.

The distance will actually be different for each projector. Projector Central has a pretty good distance calculator. Put your model in and it will tell you the maximum and minimum distance for placing your projector. http://www.projectorcentral.com/ViewSonic-PJD6345-projection-calculator-pro.htm