Picture of Widen clear iPhone case to accept accessory
In this instructable, you will learn how to change the opening in the bottom of an acrylic iPhone case to accept a charging accessory that is otherwise too wide for it.

This photo shows the case itself (the pink thing in the back is a stick-on LCD flashlight) and the charger. The charger is clearly too wide to fit through the bottom, making it impossible to charge the iPhone in the case.

Step 1: Tools, and safety first

Picture of Tools, and safety first
For this instructable, you only need a Dremel or rotary tool (I used my jeweler's rotary tool) and a compatible sanding accessory. I tried a few different accessories, but for the whole instructable, I only ended up using the one pictured below. It fit in the opening and did the sanding I needed.

Be sure to wear safety glasses and a mask any time you are sanding if you value your ability to see and breathe. Seriously. Plastic dust is pretty toxic.

Oh, and I had my iPhone playing music in the background while doing this - awesome!
nmoraga2 years ago
mind if a ask a silly question? :D

just wanna know where can i get the charger that u showed in the picture? :D
or how can i make 1
richie_1144 years ago
The case is probably made of acrylic, Heating it without burning it will make the edges look factory.
Hold a flame to it too long though and it will bubble and burn.
Chicken22096 years ago
short and easy ; )