Picture of Wiener in a bun
I like to eat these on a picknic or for a snack.

Step 1: Ingredients

You need:

- bread dough
- wieners
- cheese

- rolling pin
- owen sheet
- owen ... :)
rfhewitt3 years ago
This looks and sounds great! Thank you for sharing. So, what is next?
Korlee (author)  rfhewitt3 years ago

In this one? To eat.. ;)

Next intructable.. I need to make so more, some "life" on the way... ;)
I have several in my blog, but they'r in finnish... :D
Cheiron4 years ago
We always called these "pig in a blanket" very tasty :-) Good instructable.
Korlee (author)  Cheiron4 years ago
Thank You! I woud call it "nakkisämpylä", but it woudn't help I suppose.. ;)

I allso hope there's not too many mistakes... :D
Cool. To me that is a sort of calzone.
l8nite4 years ago
The homemade bread is a nice twist on an old american staple. Much better than the split the can kind of rolls or crosiants mama used !
mosherj84 years ago
Some of your w's should be v's but it all makes sense.
In the first picture it looks like there is a red sauce?
Korlee (author)  mosherj84 years ago
No red sauce, wiener? Or it's melted cheese from the earlier batch?
And sorry 'bout the V=W or C=S or.. ;)