Introduction: Wiener in a Bun

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I like to eat these on a picknic or for a snack.

Step 1: Ingredients

You need:

- bread dough
- wieners
- cheese

- rolling pin
- owen sheet
- owen ... :)

Step 2: Dough

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You need
2-2½ dl (~1cup) plain / full grain flour
½ tbs salt (optional, 'cause winers and cheese are salty)
½ tbs sugar / syrup etc
½ -1 ts dryed yeast
1dl (~½cup) water
1 tbs oil

How to make bread dough:

Take a bowl and mesure all dry indgedients to the bowl and mix well. Add water and oil and use some "elbow grase" to make it smooth.
Leave it to rest in warm and graft free space for good ½ hour. It shoud rise.

Step 3: While the Dough Is Rising

Picture of While the Dough Is Rising

When your dough is rising rinse and fry your wieners and cut your cheese in to long pieses. You need as many cheese stiks than you have wieners or 2 times the amount, depending how big your stiks are and how much you like cheese!

Go and do something else while the dough is rising. Let it be. It's ok, eaven if you woud leave it be for an hour or 2.

Step 4: Roling It!

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Cut the dough in the same amount of pieces that you have wieners.
Squeese it thin and long and use your roling pin to make it really flat.

Step 5: In Goes the Wiener

Picture of In Goes the Wiener

Plase the wiener and cheese on the dough.
Fold the dough around the wiener (and cheese) kind of like tortilla. But closing the both ends as well as possible.
To seal the bun roll the whole thin gently, so that the wiener or cheese doesent come out! There shoudn't be any air inside!

Step 6: Let Tem Rest..

Picture of Let Tem Rest..

Let them rise, again.. But if you are as impatient as me, you can bake them right away.

Pre heat owen to 200-225C (395-435F).

Brush buns with some water to make a crispier crust.
Bake them about 10 min.

You might have done it well, in mine the cheese comes allways out from at least in some! :D

Eat as soon as they are cooled so that they don't burn (so much).


rfhewitt (author)2012-02-05

This looks and sounds great! Thank you for sharing. So, what is next?

Korlee (author)rfhewitt2012-02-08


In this one? To eat.. ;)

Next intructable.. I need to make so more, some "life" on the way... ;)
I have several in my blog, but they'r in finnish... :D

Cheiron (author)2010-12-07

We always called these "pig in a blanket" very tasty :-) Good instructable.

Korlee (author)Cheiron2010-12-07

Thank You! I woud call it "nakkisämpylä", but it woudn't help I suppose.. ;)

I allso hope there's not too many mistakes... :D

Computothought (author)Korlee2011-01-24

Cool. To me that is a sort of calzone.

l8nite (author)2010-12-13

The homemade bread is a nice twist on an old american staple. Much better than the split the can kind of rolls or crosiants mama used !

mosherj8 (author)2010-12-08

Some of your w's should be v's but it all makes sense.
In the first picture it looks like there is a red sauce?

Korlee (author)mosherj82010-12-08

No red sauce, wiener? Or it's melted cheese from the earlier batch?
And sorry 'bout the V=W or C=S or.. ;)

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