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Introduction: Kitchen Counter Cabinet

This was an extremely difficult thing for me to do. I'm a perfectionist at heart when it comes to my work, and to take a perfectly great piece of art, and distress it was sooo hard, how do you take something you built, and beat it up with walnuts. chains, nails, and whatever else there is to hit it with. Then partially sand it down. But, in the end, I think it turned out OK. 



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    I absolutely love it! I'm currently in the design process of making my own camper with an Italian Renaissance feel in the interior and would love something like this in the kitchen. I just wish you would have included some actual instructions rather than just make a show-and-tell. PLEASE include some instructions?!?! This is perfect for the look I am aiming for.


    More of a show and tell rather than an instruct-able.

    This is beautiful! You did a wonderful job! We are always most hard on our own work, and I can tell this was a labor of love and I would bet that you look at it sometimes and think darn if only I had done that there. I assure you, I look at it and see no flaws just one amazing piece of woodworking genius! Best thing I was ever taught when I was an undergrad, walk away from the project, take several hours or days then "sneak" up on it, you will be amazed at how it gives you a better perspective on your work! Well done!

    "....I think it turned out OK. "

    Knock it off! It's gorgeous and you know it. Great work! Truly amazing!

    wow that is gorgeous! i'm a huge woodworking fan, and if i ever design my own kitchen, thats probably how it would look!

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    Thank You so very much. I hated distressing it, but I have to admit after it was finished I loved the look.