Wifi Jammer MK2





Introduction: Wifi Jammer MK2

This uses the same 2.4GHz AV transmitters used in the first jammer, but this time they run through a 4 watt amplifier.
Battery capacity has also been increase using 3.7 volt phone batteries.
The main reason for building the MK2 was to have more control over what part of the spectrum I am jamming. So instead of jamming all channels I can now select channels individually.
Wifi jammer MK1: http://youtu.be/bABmCTpcPWk
4W Wifi Wireless Amplifier 2.4GHz Power Range Signal Booster
Av transmitters : http://www.amazon.co.uk/XL24017-Wirel...



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    Are there more Information in the pdf?

    Can I use this model to transmit and recieve video from some camera..
    And how I can do that..
    Pls if someone could help???

    Whay 2.4GHz wifi analyzer software are you using please Andrew, ? & is it free off the net.?

    What kind of wifi analyzer do you use?

    Presumably then everyone here has considered that most of the first world now runs on 5Ghz WIFI and have been for some years now??

    That's not all that true as far as residential wifi goes. I won't pretend I know anything about business provided WIFI. Go ahead and look at your Wifi specs. If it says 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n, you are sporting the 2.4Ghz spectrum yourself.

    If you have 802.11ac or 802.11a, then you are using 5Ghz WIFI.

    I looked at all my neighbors residential wifi types and did not see any 5Ghz. If I am not mistaken, 5Ghz is more common in the newer phones.

    How do I gain access to the full links you have referenced? Thanks

    To connect all the aerials, do you simply solder the signal part together and all the shielding? Then all that goes to the amplifier? I just tried connecting all the aerials (no shielding) and there was no signal coming out.