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Introduction: Wifi Socket

This is an entry in the
Arduino Contest 2017

Using ESP12E (programming in Arduino IDE) to control ON/OFF socket 220V through mobile phone (in same wifi network at home)

What we need is:

1. ESP12E

2. Power module 220V to 6VDC

3. A normal socket

Step 1: Make Control PCB

Make a PCB for ESP12E controlling 5V relay. This relay will ON/OFF the socket.

Try to make it as small as possible to fit space in socket.

Step 2: Code for ESP12E

Get the code for ESP12E at this link (Google share)

Step 3: Install PCBs to Socket

My case, i have to take out 2 of 3 socket to get space for power module and ESP12E PCB.

Install them to be fit inside socket.

Step 4: Test It!

Plug a light for testing.

Go to web browser, type address (this project) is

A local web will be shown, click on "TOGGLE it" to ON/OFF relay for socket.



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