The internet is pretty magical. With the click of a button we can communicate with anyone in the world (who is also using the internet). Wifi only goes and makes this experience even more ethereal. Having the same fundamental structure of the internet, wifi or "wireless" is an invisible series of tubes that transport your data through the aether at breakneck speeds. This allows you to take your laptop computer with you to the bathroom without having to unplug it from a wired internet connection. In fact, I am writing this guide from the bathroom. Wireless sure is spectacular. Let us look at all the great things we can do with wifi.

ubertable style
I have a small table next to my desk which I keep my wifi router, external hd and several chargers on. It has come to the point where the table is quite an eyesore in the room so I decided to try to h...
Wireless Internet Cantenna style
This is about making an antenna using a usb wifi adapter, and an old fire extinguisher I never got around to refillingI used a hacksaw, a dremel with the heavy-duty cut-off wheel and some small filesT...
DELETE style
Windows power saving features make it easy for a person to save power when the computer is not in use. Nevertheless I always left these features disabled because I frequently need to access my comput...
Vintage Wi-Fi Internet Radio style
An vintage radio turned into a modern Internet Wi-Fi radio
WIFI Hunting! style
Would you like to go hunting but with the state of the economy find it difficult to drive out to the woods? Well, this delivers the same thrills as hunting (sorta) but may be closer to home and very i...
Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender style
Easily receive WIFI signals from far away using a standard USB WIFI adaptor and a bit of ingenuity. This Simple idea requires no modifications to a USB WIFI adaptor or your computer. A simple way to i...
WiFi Pinger style
A Pyxis Design Project.This instructable describes an RF beacon using WiFi - we call it a 'Pinger'. It is intended to be used as an alternative to, or to complement, GPS in location based applications...
The Conetenna - a wi-fi antenna style
Using parts from previous wi-fi antennas I have built, I attempt to create a monster antenna, yet only to wind up with an ordinary cantenna wave-guide with funnel attachement.
Sparky - DIY Web-Based Telepresence Robot style
The name Sparky is based on an acronym for Self Portrait Artifact  Roving Chassis I an awkward title for an art project begun in the early 90s. Since that time Sparky has evolved from an oversize...
WIFI Antenna Hack! style
Turn your standard WIFI antenna into one just like the $30 range extender antennas for about 5 cents! Follow these easy steps, and then check out the video if you need extra clarification. Digg if you...
Digital Picture Frame style
Adding to the million already in circulation, here is the Digital Picture Frame that I built for about $100.. yes, its expensive for what it is but the coolness factor is high in my opinion.. And on t...
10 $ WIFI 16dBi Super Antenna Pictorial style
In this pictorial I'm showing you how to make a 16dBi very powerful wifi antenna for under 10 dollars. I've already posted a movie about this but a lot of people asked or a pictorial, so I've made ano...
This is portable Linux distribution that boots from a USB stick, that has wireless support, and is battery powered. The ultimate in portable Linux.