Wiggling Clock (LED-Project)





Introduction: Wiggling Clock (LED-Project)

I stack 8 blue LEDs in one row and put it on brass-rod. With an old relay-coil and some Electronic, the rod get a kick at the right time and so the construction begins to oscillate. With some Software and a little microcontroller you can activate the LEDs and write every text you want on the LEDs.



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    This is a wonderful project, I want make this thing for a long time, but i can't find the right instructable, please make an instructable for your projects..... thanks.

    i was also hoping for a guide. you should probably speed up the oscillation as well, so you can see clearer.

    I was guessing that the illegibility was due to the camera shutter not syncing with the led flash rate. Even if the clock is legible, it would probably still have this problem in video. And yes... where's the guide?

    I'm Favoriting this in the hopes that you actually create an Instructable on how you did it, rather than an "I made this". I love this kind of device but the video only shows the end result.

    Yes, I see a few of these occasionally. Sometimes its video and sometimes a slide show of look what I did.