This is a toy I learned somewhere as a kid. Now as my son is growing up. I make it for him.

Step 1: Materials

Simple materials:

Thick straw (likes of the MC Donalds)

Pair of scissors

Step 2: How to Make

Start by making small diagonal cut on one side of the straw. And keep cutting into a spiral. Cut until about 1 or 2 inches is left intact of the straw. Now the straw will be wobbly. You are done!

Step 3: How to Play

Just keep the straw in your mouth and blow hard. The cut end will jiggle and dance.

Other options. You can use a blown up balloon as a air port and stick the straw in it. It works.

<p>This is awesome and keeps the kids entertained for a good hour. Thanks!!!</p>
<p>Simple and awesome. I've never seen this before!</p>
<p>It is fun</p>
<p>I'd love to see a video or gif of this! </p>
<p>Done that! Thanks for the advice.</p>

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