The cord to our original Wii bar was damaged by an unknown culprit, so we went out to buy a new one.  All we could find were cordless models, which seemed fine until we discovered how much they eat batteries.  So, I endeavored to make it corded, using an AC adapter from my stash, until I realized, "Hey, why not USB?"  When it was nearly finished, my daughter said, "Dad, make an Instructable," so here it is.  I know that I left out the soldering in wires stuff, but really, it's very easy.

Step 1:

Here we have the victim.  It uses 4 AA cells, thus somewhere around or less than 6V.  USB is 5V or just a little more, close enough.  At least it wont be overpowered.  I dug into my stash for a spare cheap USB cable and some other wire and stuff.
Amazing. Enough said

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