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Introduction: Wii Fit Balance Board Riser

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A month ago, my wife asked me to buy her a Wii fit. What the heck, I figured, anything to get her to work out. Well, a month has passed, and she's used it six times, meh. I on the other hand have become addicted to it and in the last 29 days have racked up 26 hours.
Am I loosing a ton of weight? No, but I love to eat. Is my strength way up? Heck yeah. Do I feel better? Immensely. As to my stamina, just ask my wife ;-) In all seriousness, I've gone from barely able to do 6 minutes of hula hooping, to doing 30 minutes of hula hoops, followed by 30 minutes of step plus 20 minutes of strength training.
Thing is, the step isn't that high, so I wanted to knock together a riser to increase the workout for step and rhythm boxing. Here begins our tale.
This being the internet, I realize some wit is going to inevitably say "Just go to the gym." To which I'd like to peremptorily state "Cram it, with Walnuts".

Step 1: Chapter One: a Parade in Erhenrang

First you will need to cut three lengths of two by four, you could use four by four if you wish for a greater challenge. Two pieces are cut 12 and 1/4 inches long and the third piece is cut 12 and 3/4 inches long.

Step 2: Chapter Two: a Stroll Through Old Los Angeles

The basic shape of the riser is an H, with the long piece as the cross bar, assemble them as you wish, I used pocket screws and wood glue, toe screws would work just as well.

Step 3: Chapter Three: the Dead Hand

Next we mark the location of the wii balance board onto the riser, this is simply accomplished by setting the balance board on the riser and scribing around the feet with a pencil. To make sure that the balance board does not slip off in use we attach some scraps of wood as cleats, these should be thin enough so as not to interfere with the balance board, about 1/4 inch.

Step 4: Chapter Four: the Clouded Crystal Ball

Lastly, we cut up an old mouse pad to make feet for your "device", they are simply glued to to the underside with wood glue, when dry trim with a razor blade, and our new riser is complete.



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    Thank you for posting this Instructable. It's great! I have had my Wii Fit for years and years and use it daily. I just might have to make this one!

    haha mine too!

    me too! lol, we say Suck it, Fancy! lol

    Extra points for the chapter titles. I got The Left Hand Of Darkness
     and Googled the second one to find Dream Park, but the rest are a mystery to me.

    No offense, but the intro for your i'ble sounds more like an advertisement for the wii fit... =P

    Perfect! I was just heading out to go buy the riser today.. Now I can save 23 bucks and have a project for the day. :) I have become addicted to Wii fit plus also.. Thanks for the idea,, Easy to read!

    I played Wii for an hour and a half without stopping one time.

    fantastic. thanks. you thought of everything. i had the same problem with lack of challenge after a while. so first i put mine on a book, but it kept falling off. so i went online thinking that somebody must make one for sale. i was just gonna set it down on some stacked plywood! this is so easy but has features that make it so professional-ish!

    This is a great idea, as my little leg extensions that came with the board just keep popping off. I had to put two large tiles on the carpet and the board on that. But I like the height Idea for the step class.

    risers come with wii fit. your suposed to use them if the board is on carpet and leave it alone on tile... but still great solution. i got my wii fit a couple days ago

    This is a great idea. and yes, i have a LOT of dirt on mine!

    Simple and effective - I dig it. I was thinking risers would be a pretty stellar add-on, myself.