Inspired by the WeeP 5 Gun and other numerous mods such as the Egogun, i decided to build my own as well. It all started of with a piece of cheap third party plastic, which will come in very useful for this mod, but more on that later. After only a couple of hours of playing with the "Wii Rumble Light Gun" the trigger broke and playing ended frustrating. After that cheap disappointment i bought the Scorpion VII, which lasted a year before that one gave up on me. At the end of the Scorpion VII lifespan, it just couldn't stay synchronized any longer than a minute and less. That gun also suffers a weak trigger, but i solved that. So my next goal was to find something new and to my surprise i stumbled across a new solution presented by BigBen, the Walter P99. The Walther P99 can be used by left and right handed people by the push of a switch. For some reason which i don't know why, the cursor would start jumping around, so i sent the gun back and made use of the money back guarantee. All in all i had two versions of the Walter P99 and both ended up with the same weakness. In comparison of the Scorpion VII and the BigBen P99, id rate the Scorpion more durable and of better craftsmanship, if one can speak of that with mass production. Furthermore, you'll need a thumb as long as a Chimpanzee to reach the cross of the P99 but the trigger lasted and seemed to be a stable construction. The perfect Gun could be a combination of both worlds!

Things needed to make and do.
1 Spring driven Airsoft G36C / M85 Rifle
Nunchuk und Wii Remote
Everything needed to solder
Hot Glue Gun
Super Glue
1 Perfboard
13 Momentary switches
13 Male Female connectors
Enough wires!! from a defect GameCube/ Wavebird and their extension cables
Drill and driller
Fine metal file and saw.
1 matte black spray paint
Triwing and Philips screwdriver
M5 threaded rod 5mm thread
Self sealing tape if liked
Wire cutting Pliers plus cable stripper
Sharp pocket Knife or something similar
Red laser pointer
Caliper rule
Right Angle
A piece of Infrared plastic (Old TV's have 'em)
Wii Rumble Light Gun

Checking a second hand gaming store or the flee market is also a good idea for the Rumble Light Gun and the battery pack. I was just lucky to have them.

A good portion of time, patience and accuracy.

I started this Mod off with a MP7A1 Toy Gun in mind which i purchased at Miniinthebox for 6$ incl. shipment. But i thought its a M85 Rifle you might think, bloody right mate but this Mod undergoes a Metamorphosis. Something like a caged Butterfly from Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of OZ.)

Well now that you are prepared lets continue onto the next step.

auf eine emotionale Ebene stattfindet. Bei Männern ist es eher sowas wie ein zweck Freundschaft oder weil man Gleichgesinnt ist, selten ist es auf emotionaler Ebene.

Step 1: The Nunchuk Foregrip.

One Cut Two Cut Three Cut its as easy as ABC...

This the easiest and quickest part of the whole mod. Its easy and quick to do if you follow instructions i made with the pictures. Just make the cuts one through three and then do some filing. I did not use a permanent marker, instead a water based one and then after placing the markings, i tapped it over. This way wrong markings can easily be rubbed away.

For those of you who want to use the MP7A1 instead of the G36C, you will have to make your drilling holes here and now if you like. Use the scriber to make markings for drilling. This ensures not to slip off  with slippers and fall with the driller. Keep in mind that firing the drill at high speeds can ruin your driller due to meltdown of plastic, so take it easy and try a medium stable speed. Use simple door stoppers to fill the space up and to ensure a secure fit. Cut them to fit using something sharp like a surgeons knife or so.

For the G36C Body just do the same as with the MP7A1. With the G36C, bear in mind the space between the Power Magazine and the Nunchuk. Place the Nunchuk Foregrip as far front as possible on the Weaver rail. You don't want to be caught camping because you cant move around do you? Also dont place the Nunchuk Foregrip up too close on the Guns foregrip and drill the holes through the Weaver Rail! No that didn't happen to me.
you could just have connected all the negative terminal on a single pcb all together and connect it to the battery's negative terminal...results?=less wiring, less complicated...
correction...all the positive terminal together... <br>
and for the infrared plastic for the IR camera, you could use combination of exposed and unexposed negative camera film...^^...
Honestly, yes im a notorious liar, looks wouldn't be so good. Photographers use different foils to catch different spectrum's of light, that would do the job as well. At miniinthebox you can get the Scorpion VII for 27&euro;, i paid round about 50&euro; over Amazon.
You might think and wonder why ? And i will answer because i can. :D
Where did u install the directional pad?
Hi Nixon1000,<br><br>the D-Pad is installed where the yellow D-Pad buttons are, which come off the N64 Controller. The Gun is not up for sale as it would simply cost too much.
question is, how much you chargin for such a thing?
awesome work, if you could change anything what would it be
First of all thanks for the credit.) <br><br>Theres only one thing i would change and that's the position of the D-Pad buttons. I would not place them too close towards the Home-Button. It sometimes happens that i accidentally press the Home-Button as well during gaming, for instance when punching an enemy down. Thats only minor and has absolutely no effect on game play. <br><br>I might just add another extra chapter too the Mod. containing improvement on aiming or the alignment of the cursor in FP-Shooters. On the other hand i might keep it a secret and use the advantage for myself.)<br>