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Wii Kart
Wii Kart is a wireless controlled go-kart with an off-the-shelf Wii Remote serving as the controller. Two 250 Watt DC motors provide a top speed of 15 mph.  The Wiii Kart was built in a residential garage using common hobbyist tools and resources. This website will provide all the information for any hobbyist to build their own Wii Remote controlled go-kart. Feel free to contact us for any questions or suggested improvements.

Build It
Kris, the Jester and I would be really psyched if we saw other people building Wii Remote controlled vehicles.  All three of us are big fans of the DIY community, this is our first attempt at contributing.

I’m trying to talk Jess into building a custom PCB with an arduino and two H-bridge controllers integrated.  That way it’ll be real easy for anyone to just plug in a couple motors, mount an actuator and throw it on a chassis.

The final code we used for the Wiii-Kart can be downloaded at www.aidanscollegefund.com.  This code is very specific to the Kart dimensions and components we used.  Someday we’ll add more comments within the code so that you’ll know which values to tweak for different components.

A huge shout-out goes to the following people. Kris, Jester and I would not have been able to build this without their work/success.

Oleg (USB Host Shield and Code)
Richard Ibbotson (Wiimote Bluetooth Code)
Tomoyuki Tanaka (WiiRemote Bluetooth Library)




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    Actually I wish and would love to make this as my Engineering Project but the Website which you provided

    www.aidanscollegefund.com seems to be dead now I cant find any thing on this , could you just send me the details and the steps of this project would be really helpful and kind of you its my dream project .

    Thank You

    Devesh Vyas


    Ha! Nice job, but hokey smokes- double check your batteries before you race!!!!

    hey corey is there a way you could post the part list and instructions on the whole process? i want to build one just like this!!!!!

    Great! Awesome!!!
    How many Amps is the speed controller for this kind of motors? I have one of them (razor 300 motor) and I've already burned four speed controllers :(

    Great instructable, congratulations!

    I cannot download the code! Could you please upload it somewhere else?


    How do you connect the Bluetooth to the cart? I want to do this for a school STEM class.

    Very Cool.... I'd make it go faster. =D


    GREAT idea. Gotta try it sometime!

    Its agreat project. will you please provide the dimensional drawing of the mechanical frame work with the bill of quantitiesIsPVie.

    If I had the time and materials for this then I would totally make this, imagine driving to school with this and people watching being like "wtf?!"