Picture of Wii Remote Holder
 This is a nice, easy and cheap Wiimote holder for use with Johnny Lee's IR/Wiimote computer control, link below.

It is adjustable and quick to make.


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Step 1: Tools needed

Picture of Tools needed
Not much is needed to make the holder and the parts don't cost much at all:




12 Short Bolts
12 Nuts
2 Short Metal Strips (In this case I just straightened 2 weak 'L' brackets)
4 Long Metal Strips
2 Large 'L' Brackets
4 Small 'L' Brackets

Tip: You could add washers for a tighter fit

Step 2: Assembling The First Side-Bracket

Picture of Assembling The First Side-Bracket
As in the picture - take one large 'L' bracket and one of the small 'L' brackets, a bolt and a screw.

Face the small 'L' bracket away from the large 'L' bracket and attach with the nut and bolt through the very top hole. Face the bolt head away from the large 'L' bracket as seen in the second picture.

Make two of these - these will be your supporting frame for the body of the holder.

Step 3: Assembling the Main Body

Picture of Assembling the Main Body
The main body makes use of the 2 large metal strips, 2 of the short metal strips, 2 of the small 'L' brackets and 4 nuts and 4 bolts.

Using the first picture as a reference, going from top to bottom:

Connect the short metal strip to the 2 large metal strips with the nuts and bolts nice and tight.

Connect the small metal 'L' brackets to the long metal strips from the first hole on the 'L' brackets with nuts and bolts.

Connect the second small metal strip to the end hole of the small 'L' bracket.

Remember, nice and tight!

Step 4: Attaching the Side-Brackets to the Main Body

Picture of Attaching the Side-Brackets to the Main Body
 Now you will be adding the two constructed side-brackets to the main body using 2 nuts and 2 bolts.

Attach the side-brackets from the end hole of the small 'L' brackets to the third hole on the long metal strips (see first picture), repeat on the other side.
cangulo13 years ago
how much did this cost u nd wat store did u get it at
akinich5 years ago
wild13575 years ago
I've been meaning to make one of these, thanks for the great instructable!