Step 6: Using the camera to control something.

Picture of Using the camera to control something.
Finally we can run the combined code, actuating the servo with the Wii IR camera output. This is the proof of concept type of project. After proving that this is possible we can go on to building more complicated projects with confidence that we can utilize the Wii IR camera.

I have attached the arduino code files.

The system responds very quickly, even to fast, small movements. Now, we can use the Wii camera directly in all our projects. Look for cheap busted Wii remotes on ebay to salvage.

If you are getting too much noise in the system (i.e. the camera is seeing too many extraneous light sources) you can use the IR filter from the Wii remote. This will filter the lights which are disrupting the camera.
nojo1272 months ago

Would be usefull for a sentry gun project. :D

ameenyousuf4 years ago
nice work. I was wondering whether similar circuitry could be used to detect finger movements? I am working on an optical projection keyboard project and was planning to use the Wiimote IR sensor for the purpose of detecting finger movements when a user hits a key. I think what you have made could be applied to some extent to my project also?Is that possible? Thanks
You may find it a lot easier if you were to do something like what is in this video for your project. Doesn't require such lengthy amounts of work, and you can keep the wiimote in one piece
marcwolf4 years ago
Very interesting project and also thanks - I have been curious about the 'speed' of processing.
I do animatronics as a hobby and one of the 'holy grails' is real time Lip Syncing where the mask will move it's lips in time with yours.

If one thinks of the lips as a flexible circle with points every 90 degree's then it's easy to put reflective points on the lips at that location/ Then it's easy to work out how open, cloded, or wide the mouth is and du0plicate it on the puppet.

Using an industrual face mask (for dusting) you can make a fully self contain system complete with camera and IR 'spotlight' that will protect the eyes and provice a dark environment.

Take Care

razstec4 years ago
Anyone can help with building a smaller controler so i can attach it laptop screen side and use a pen as a mouse?

the wiimote its just too big, any sugestion?
A way to power it by usb would came in handy too.
thalass5 years ago
This is great. I wonder if you could use it to track the sun? There are cheaper and simpler ways to do that, I suppose, but the wiimote ir camera mounted in the middle of a group of solar panels, or a reflector dish for solar thermal, with the arduino programmed to return the array to a pre-determined position when an ambient light sensor determines it's dark outside (or the solar panel output goes below a threshold, or an internal clock determines it is close to sunset, or a combination). You could even alter the morning position based on the date, so the panels are in the right spot in the morning.

Very flexible, I like.