Picture of Wii Rock Band Pro Drum Kit Cymbal Repair
OK so you've given your RB drum kit a good thrashing for the last year or two, and it's finally had of the cymbals has decided to stop working.
These things are pretty well made for the money, but they can only take so much (drum) stick.
Due to the vibrations caused as you belt away to 'Hey Joe', mechanical failure is almost inevitable......which is good news as it probably means the reason for your set up failing is just a detached wire or a broken joint somewhere.
Also, if you move your drum kit around a lot, the connecting wires, plugs and sockets can become damaged.

This guide though deals with the possible repair of an individual faulty cymbal unit can easily decide whether the cymbal itself is faulty by swapping the cymbal plugs around. If the fault 'follows' the cymbal, then the problem is with that instrument or it's connecting wire.

These instructions are for the Wii kit, but may be applicable to others.
Tools required: Medium crosspoint screwdriver, soldering iron and solder.

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Step 1: Remove cymbal

Picture of Remove cymbal
Having decided that you have a faulty cymbal, the next step is to remove it from the drum kit.
Simply a matter of unplugging the cymbal, loosening the coloured nut on top and lifting the cymbal off.

Put the wedge shaped collar from under the nut somewhere safe!

Step 2:

Picture of
To access the cymbal's internals, turn the unit over and remove the six screws shown here with the yellow rings.

Step 3:

Picture of
Now remove the cover...this will expose the small PCB shown on the right.

Step 4:

Picture of
Now remove the four screws (shown here in yellow) attaching the small cover plate.

it woks perfectly! thank you for this useful and easy to understad tutorial, greetings from méxico!