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As a new owner of a Wii and a sewing machine I was eager to combine the two.. And as I keep being asked to bring my Wii to parties, I figured I ought to make some sort of protective covering for it and it's incredibly fragile looking sensor bar...

So with a bit of rummaging through my old scraps of fabric and foam, I found the supplies needed:

1/2 foam
cotton fabric (about half a yard)
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Step 1: Figuring out how big to make the foam..

Picture of Figuring out how big to make the foam..
I'm sorry to say I didn't measure anything.. but it's not really necessary if you have a wii to work from... and really this could be used to make a foam case for anything box shaped...

The foam should be about 3 times the length of the wii. and there should be about 2 inches on either end.

Step 2: Fold the foam to figure out where you want to place the folds

Picture of Fold the foam to figure out where you want to place the folds
Fold the foam to figure out where you want to place the folds, this is a good time to make sure all the edges are covered.

Step 3: Cover

Picture of Cover
Make a pillow case of the fabric to cover the foam. I just placed the foam on the folded in half fabric and cut about an inch around it. I then sewed (inside out) the bottom and side, leaving the top open. Trim the corners and turn right side out.

Step 4: Encasing the foam.

Picture of encasing the foam.
Hem the rough edges of the top.

Slide the foam into the pillow case and fold over the top edges like the end of wrapping paper on a box.

Step 5: Closing the top..

Picture of Closing the top..
fold over the top flap and sew it down on the foam.

Step 6: Sensor Bar section

Picture of Sensor Bar section
Fold the top seam down approximately an inch and a half creating a tube of foam on the top. this is where the sensor bar will go. sew in place.

Step 7: Making the wii compartment

Picture of Making the wii compartment
Place the wii on the bottom half of the foam and determine where you want the front to fold up to. mark where the bottom of the wii is and make seams for it's bottom two corners.

Step 8: Sides of the wii compartment

Picture of sides of the wii compartment
then sew seams along where the sides would be.. including the bottom side. the wii should fit standing up on the rectangle that is made for the bottom.
Good idea, makes it more personalized. Maybe you should slap a Peanuts skin on the Wii to coordinate with the sleeve ;)
Awesome job, great job using Snoopy :-)