As a new owner of a Wii and a sewing machine I was eager to combine the two.. And as I keep being asked to bring my Wii to parties, I figured I ought to make some sort of protective covering for it and it's incredibly fragile looking sensor bar...

So with a bit of rummaging through my old scraps of fabric and foam, I found the supplies needed:

1/2 foam
cotton fabric (about half a yard)

Step 1: Figuring Out How Big to Make the Foam..

I'm sorry to say I didn't measure anything.. but it's not really necessary if you have a wii to work from... and really this could be used to make a foam case for anything box shaped...

The foam should be about 3 times the length of the wii. and there should be about 2 inches on either end.
Good idea, makes it more personalized. Maybe you should slap a Peanuts skin on the Wii to coordinate with the sleeve ..lol ;)
Awesome job, great job using Snoopy :-)

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