Wii Zapper DIY Airsoft Mod





Introduction: Wii Zapper DIY Airsoft Mod

I wanted as close to a real pistol as possible with the wii zapper. The Nintendo one just doesn't cut it. I made this in one hour from a cheap airsoft gun i had laying around. The grip safety works and the trigger pushes the wiimotes trigger (b button).
I skinned Chung Dha's paper wii gun template (chungdha.blogspot.com) with a glock skin making this the first ever barettaglockenspieler.

Disclaimer: All airsoft gun insides are different so this may not work for you or anyone.

Step 1: Take Apart Airsoft Gun

A lot of airsoft guns can be taken apart. This one was easily broken down. I can put it back together if I really want to later too!

Step 2: Make Extended Trigger Pulling Mechanism

This will be different for every gun. I just used some thick wire. I used a little 5-min epoxy to connect the wire to the trigger inside the gun.

Step 3: Print and Make Wiimote Cradle

For this airsoft gun i made a small rectangular piece as well that connects to the bottom of the other paper piece and wedges into the gun. I printed it on matte heavyweight paper. The thicker the better. (no image scaling) it has to print out 100% size or it won't fit over the wiimote.

Step 4: Play!

strap on a rubber band and your off!



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    I wouldn't mod an airsoft gun for a wii shooter. You'd be better of buying a gun from Target and they even have them at Dollar Trees or 99 cent stores.

    way to waste a wii mote...unless it can be removed...if it can then AWESOME


    Be nice now, its a cool idea to do with broken airsoft guns.

    If you want, you can open the controller and integrate it...

     KINDa suxs. like i get that ur not good at electronics or whatever reason u used a "extended trigger pulling mechanism" but i could get that at radioshack

    no hate here, jjust sayin if ur gonna make stuff like this, go out and make it rigth

    If you're going to rip someone about doing things right. Then use grammar correctly. Just sayin, no hate here

    too bad the wiimote doesn't have a "black" color option...

    Black remotes are being sold now at local game shops and also on ebay.  They work fine for this mod.