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I wanted as close to a real pistol as possible with the wii zapper. The Nintendo one just doesn't cut it. I made this in one hour from a cheap airsoft gun i had laying around. The grip safety works and the trigger pushes the wiimotes trigger (b button).
I skinned Chung Dha's paper wii gun template ( with a glock skin making this the first ever barettaglockenspieler.

Disclaimer: All airsoft gun insides are different so this may not work for you or anyone.

Step 1: Take Apart Airsoft Gun

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A lot of airsoft guns can be taken apart. This one was easily broken down. I can put it back together if I really want to later too!

Step 2: Make Extended Trigger Pulling Mechanism

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This will be different for every gun. I just used some thick wire. I used a little 5-min epoxy to connect the wire to the trigger inside the gun.

Step 3: Print and Make Wiimote Cradle

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For this airsoft gun i made a small rectangular piece as well that connects to the bottom of the other paper piece and wedges into the gun. I printed it on matte heavyweight paper. The thicker the better. (no image scaling) it has to print out 100% size or it won't fit over the wiimote.

Step 4: Play!

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strap on a rubber band and your off!


GameNox (author)2011-06-11

I wouldn't mod an airsoft gun for a wii shooter. You'd be better of buying a gun from Target and they even have them at Dollar Trees or 99 cent stores.

corndawg49 (author)2010-12-31

way to waste a wii mote...unless it can be removed...if it can then AWESOME

miols (author)2009-06-27


bobandthemonkey (author)miols2010-09-03

Be nice now, its a cool idea to do with broken airsoft guns.

steamruler (author)2010-08-14

If you want, you can open the controller and integrate it...

Morriscow (author)2010-02-07

 KINDa suxs. like i get that ur not good at electronics or whatever reason u used a "extended trigger pulling mechanism" but i could get that at radioshack

no hate here, jjust sayin if ur gonna make stuff like this, go out and make it rigth

meddler (author)Morriscow2010-02-24

If you're going to rip someone about doing things right. Then use grammar correctly. Just sayin, no hate here

Riann13 (author)2010-01-20

too bad the wiimote doesn't have a "black" color option...

drc2311 (author)Riann132010-01-26

Black remotes are being sold now at local game shops and also on ebay.  They work fine for this mod.

J Man!!! (author)2009-10-22

 This is cool

DeathToSquishy (author)2009-05-06

Dude! That's awesome, though the print-out box is a little strange. You should post it on WiiArmory.

dmnhunt3r (author)2009-04-09


5h4rp13 (author)2008-06-09

You really should have taken the wii remote apart completely and worked with that :P

crankola (author)5h4rp132008-11-21

I agree with 5hrp13, chloride and others - the next version should pack all the Wii-mote guts into the colt body - which will take some work, but it would be so sweet to have a Colt 1911 Wii shooter! Heck, you could sell those, or at least I would buy one! Not really, cuz im going to make one now, even though I dont own a Wii! I use a Wii-mote with my Apple laptop, and some days I feel like shooting it! I always thought the 1911 is one of the coolest semi auto pistols ever made! I also agree with poultryduck that the 'Glock' slide doesnt look so great as the graphic - so what about scanning the airsoft slide and making your own? Or use one of these imagesthese images, use the other graphic as a template for folding and cutting (and maybe scaling) and whammo! But overall, great idea, with pretty good execution!

chloride (author)5h4rp132008-07-04

Yeah that would have been better.

Karv (author)2008-05-17

Jesus, there is no airsoft or other type of pellet/ball gun whose barrel is the width of a wiimote. If there is, it's a damn bazooka. this is as realistic as the zapper will get!

chloride (author)Karv2008-07-04

Actually you could have just rewired the remote into the gun, you would have to de-solder most of the stuff though since the gun would be too small to fit the circuit board.

Colonel88 (author)Karv2008-05-31


zmandudesk8 (author)2008-06-21

cool, but would be better with plastic as a holder. very awesome though :]

nightcreep20 (author)2008-05-11

Im just telling you but that doesn't look anything like real>

very nice looking

poultryduk (author)2008-04-18

Just for future reference, that's not a Beretta; that's a Colt 1911. And, no offense, but Colts and Glocks don't look all that great when parts are interchanged.

ultimachris (author)2008-04-14

hey, if you look really closely you can actually see something that looks nothing like a gun!

rocksalt2342 (author)2008-03-19

hey, nice idea! you should add some LEDs on the tip so it blinks every time you fire

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