Wii Zapper by Ddlinx





Introduction: Wii Zapper by Ddlinx

This is my first instructable. It is the wii handgun. The title is like that because people search a zapper. Not a handgun. Enjoy!

Step 1: Handle

Assemble the handle.

Step 2: Storage of the Remote

Build this.

Step 3: The Back

Build the back

Step 4: Connect It

Connect the knex. This is hard because my pictures are not great but i made it in a rush to put it on this site so everyone can build it.

Step 5: Done

Have fun!! Please add comments for modification so i can edit this instructable of the best modification.



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    23 Discussions

    try to make a better instructable or at least add bigger and better pics

    They are half of the orange ones like the picture you see on top will you have the video soon? and i deleted the pictures on my phone so i can't redo this

    wow this is great! Hey, i finally figured out how to make this, but no offense, i no u said it was rushed online, i'll make a video of how i made mine, and ill put i on youtube 4 u! ill give you the link, and you can put it up

    What sive ae the purple ones

    hai it's a nice idea and al but..use better picture and more explanation

    it is a GREAT idea. SUGGESTIONS: 1. bigger pics. 2. more explaining and more pics. IT IS STILL GOOD!!!

    lol why did you base it off of his and he is behind me playing mario galaxy right now at wednesday december 27th 10:55