Wiimote Modification for Persons with Disabilities

Picture of Wiimote Modification for Persons with Disabilities
This instructable will show you how to rewire the button of the Wiimote to bigger buttons so that persons with disabilities will be able to efficiently use the Wiimote by not having to press the small buttons on the Wiimote. The buttons that will be rewired will be the A button, B button, the directional pad (up, down, left, right), and the Home button.


An updated wireless version of the adapted Wii-mote using an Arduino board and Xbee wireless circuits can be found here.

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Step 1: Soldering Tips Before You Begin

To solder very small items follow the following procedure:
1. Spread some soldering flux on the components you wish to solder.
2. Gather a bit of solder on the tip of your iron.
3. Touch the components together.
4. Give the components a kiss with the soldering iron. The solder on the tip should transfer to the components.

Take care not to put to much solder on the tip of the iron, doing so may result in the bridging of two or more components you don't want soldered together

Step 2: Disassemble the Wiimote

Picture of Disassemble the Wiimote
Begin by removing the batteries. Remove the four triangular head screws. For best results use a triangular-end screwdriver. However the screws can be removed using a small enough miniature flathead screwdriver. Crack open the case with a miniature flathead screwdriver by releasing the pressure clip at the front part of the case. Take out the circuit board.
excellent work and thanks for sharing , i i put the link on care cure a sci community
maxthrottle4 years ago
Could you please provide clearer pictures in step 7 that shows where on the PC board the button connections are made?
The photos are completely unreadable!
This is a very important item to making this project workable
I downloaded the PDF and that is a poor pixalated image as well.
Does anyone have the schematic that shows where on the PC board I can connect the A B and ground?
Fantastic project.
CATEA (author)  valhallas_end4 years ago
Thank you!
DasBus4 years ago
Thank you for this instructable! I bought a Wii, but have not hooked it up yet, so I don't know yet if my daughter will be able to work the controllers. If she can't, we'll be making one of these! Thank you! : )
CATEA (author)  DasBus4 years ago
Good luck! I hope it will work out!
ahernergo4 years ago

Hi, I love your posts and I am trying to create some of the wiimote modification you have posted but I ran into a slight hardware issue. Could you please let me know what make and model 8p8c connectors you use? The ones I purchased have a slightly different orientation of the terminal end making them too large to fit properly. Thank you. -Ryan
DJNASHA4 years ago
being disable myself let make other things wirelees .keep ideas coming
osgeld4 years ago
" "

only takes me to my account page please direct link :)
danlab osgeld4 years ago
tjw9984 years ago
Could you please add pictures that are bigger than 100x100 ?