Have you ever wondered if your wiimote was on cause your hands were over the LEDS, or you not know if when you turn the power off to your wii if it dreally goes off, well now you'll know. Here is my tutorail for modding ur power button on your wiimote.
What you need-
One tri-wing screwdriver
One 3mm LED of you color choice
One resistor
One soldering iron with solder
About 3 inchs or wire.
One wiimote

Step 1: Take your wiimote apart

Take your wiimote apart, unscrew it with the tri-wing screwdriver then pray it open.
WATCH OUT: watch it the front of the wiimote has clips that hold it in place nad if you pray the wrong way they will break off, causing trouble, what i do is pray the back up alittle bit then stick a butter knife in side and pull up.

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