Picture of WikiSeat Creation

This instructable describes a process of creating a WikiSeat.

The Mountain View Public Library issued a challenge to create a WikiSeat.
They provided a "catalyst" or metal structural support for a chair.
The challenge is to create a seat!

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Step 1: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
cabriole legs.jpg

I began with researching WikiSeats on the internet, looking at what others had made.
Then I tried taping some scrap wood pieces to see how things worked.
I tried taping some tree branches but they were too big..
How to get the right angles for the bottoms of the legs?

Then I thought curly legs might be fun..
So more internet research on legs and 3 legged tables and other ideas..

Why not have a circular leg end and not worry about the angle?

Step 2: Curvy legs

Picture of Curvy legs

From my previous taped legs I decided on dimensions for my WikiSeat.
A leg that was 28 inches long would create a seat/table that was about 24 inches tall.

Using Adobe Illustrator I created a drawing of my leg..
being sure to have a straight section that was long enough to accommodate the catalyst.

The file was used to cut out legs on scrap wood from another project
using a CNC wood cutter (ShopBot) at TechShopin San Carlos, CA.

Taping the legs helped see how they worked together.

Step 3: Triangle Top Time

Picture of Triangle Top Time

The legs need a top... and a three legged table calls for a three sided top...
Using the taped together legs, I estimated the distance for each side of the triangle.
The basic triangle was drawn in Illustrator and then refined to have curves.
The top was cut out from a scrap of wood on the CNC wood cutter at TechShop.

Step 4: Decorate the Parts

Picture of Decorate the Parts

I like patterns.. and use a app on the iPad called iOrnament.
All sorts of patterns and colors can be made.
For this project, I made simple black and white patterns and saved pattern tiles.
Each tile was opened and traced in Illustrator and then made into an Illustrator pattern.
The pattern was used to fill an outline of the legs and table top.
Using the LaserCutter at TechShop, the pattern was etched into the wood.
The laser burned the pattern into each side.

Lindie1 year ago

Very nice!!!

What cool little table! Does it feel sturdy in use?

Nice work on the 'ible too. I'd forgotten about The Catalyst... I see they sell them *and* a jig for making your own. Very cool.

Norahbelle (author)  Uncle Kudzu1 year ago
The table is sturdy enought but would not hold up as a seat because it is too tall and the wood for the legs is a bit thin. Thanks for the good words.