I really liked MediaWiki's "community corner" feature(on the "Wiki Activity" page) as it's very handy for informing wiki members about events and site news but I wanted to extend that audience to the public. So I figured out a way to add that section to the wiki's homepage(the wiki in question being the I Got A Rocket Wiki on Wikia). Here's how I did it. Note that you'll have to be the administrator of your wiki to do this, or another user type that lets you edit the homepage.

Step 1: Go Into "edit Mode" on the Wiki Homepage

Go the wiki homepage and click the "Edit" tab(or "Edit" button if you're using Wikia). It's best to add the section to the right column, but you can add it anywhere in the content section of the page.

==Community Messages==
<!--Admins can edit this section here: http://example.com/wiki/MediaWiki:Community-corner?action=edit --!>

You can then change the header(first line in the code extract above) to show anything you want, like in this case, a quote from the subject TV show of the Wikia site where a character asks the protagonist about what's happening. Don't forget to change the example.com URL to the URL of your wiki! Then save.

Step 2: Done!

You're done!

If you did pull this off on your wiki and have signed into an Instructables account, don't forget to click "I Made It!" above!

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