Step 4: Set up the filesystem

Picture of Set up the filesystem
To skip this step, create a DOS filesystem on partition 1, and an EXT2 on partition 2. Put a file on the DOS partition, then plug the card into your Psion and start it up to make sure it is happy with the partitioned CF card

Type mkfs.msdos /dev/XXX1 and then mkfs.ext2 /dev/XXX2 . Now you are ready to make sure your Psion is happy with the CF card.

Type cd /mnt
mkdir psiondos
mount -t vfat /dev/XXX1
cd /mnt/psiondos
touch hello.txt
to mount the card on your PC, and create a file on the DOS partition, then
cd /
umount /dev/XXX1
to unmount the card.

Now plug the card into your Psion and turn it on. Use the button in the bottom left of the screen to navigate to the D drive- you should see your file hello.txt in the file manager. If you do, then the Psion is happy with your card and you can proceed to install Linux on it. If not, either there was a problem with creating the filesystem in the previous steps or your Psion does not recognise the card- try repeating the previous steps, getting a friendly Linux wizard to set up the file system for you, or (as a last resort) try with a different CF card to see if you can find one that works.
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