1 lbs wild pig meat, freshly ground -- info on getting wild boar here
1 tsp sea salt
3 tbsp maple syrup

The meat was cut into 1-2 inch chunks directly off of the carcass, mixed with the syrup and salt, and ground in the sausage attachment of a Kitchen Aid mixer using the plate with the smallest diameter holes.

The flavor was a little one-note with just the maple syrup, and could probably have benefited from apples and some spices. So, I consider this ratio of meat/salt/sweet as a base from which I will do further experimentation.

The cooked sausage is shown here with sauteed garlic and rainbow chard.
This was very good starting recipe, I added one diced jalapeno and white pepper, black pepper, and granny smith apple, and then on the next batch I used a braburn apple, both were awesome if you dont like spicy just remove the Jalapeno seeds. Still has kick but very little of the burn.
Man that looks good...

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