Introduction: Wild Boar!!!!!

I was cutting heather and wanted something to do with it..... Obviously what was needed was a wild boar!

Step 1: Clear the Ground

I chose a small clearing that was a little way from a path and which would give little tantalising views of the boar.

Step 2: The Armature...

....or skeleton was constructed by cutting up bits of freshly cut chestnut in the region of 50mm to 75mm diameter for legs and spine, these were pushed into holes spiked into the ground to make a nice stable base they were screwed together in a sort of piggy shape :) the last picture shows some tusks, these were whittled up from a bit of Ash tree.

Step 3: Eyes and Ears

The eyes are a pair of 35mm film pots.... something that many of you may not have come across

The ears are a pair of thin slivers of thick oak bark cut to shape all of these are screwed in place.

Step 4: Chicken Wire Armature and First Flesh

The bulking out of the structure was undertaken with galvanised chicken mesh cut and bent into a body like shape, all the bits are stapled to the woodwork and odd ends are twisted together. A start was made on inserting sprigs of heather into the holes in the wire mesh, making sure they all flow in the same direction, pointy end of sprig points to the head end.

Step 5: Getting A-head

I then could not resist the fiddly job of fleshing out the head, this was done with lots of small sprigs of heather threaded into place and trimmed with scissors,

Step 6: Flesh the Rest

The rest of the body and the legs were gradually covered in a thick layer of heather and then trimmed up with shears and scissors.... The tail has a tassel of heather on the end, since taking the pictures I have bulked it out a bit more as it seemed a bit skimpy.

So there Boris stands, surprising those who come across him.


rog8811 made it! (author)2017-09-17

The last photo above is taken from the path at the first point where Boris can be seen.... he looks straight at you at that point :)

The one below is taken from the nearest point on the path, and yes, many people get to see him, it is in the lap of the gods as to whether he survives for long.

half-blood (author)2017-09-16

Wow! I am so impressed! I might to try to make one sometime! What a great idea! Just a quick question, is he near a path people walk on regularly? I hope so! Art like that should be on display! :D

Millie-Feuille (author)2017-09-16

Incredible! :D

deluges (author)2017-09-15

Really cool ! Great work

Riffifi (author)2017-09-15

awesome!! this reminds me of a song...

Wild boar! never lose it!
Wild boar! never chose this way!
Wild boar! never close your eyes!

Wild boar always shine!

gm280 (author)2017-09-15

This is amazingly funny and pretty realistic at the same time. I hunted wild boar and they can get dangerous at times. But this one seems pretty docile. Nice project.

BreezyB (author)2017-09-15

I think this is really cool. Definitely like the idea of him giving someone a surprise, it appears to blend in and stand out at the same time

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