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Introduction: Wild Things Costumes

About: I got an old sewing machine when I was just a kid, and I've been hooked on making stuff ever since. My name is Sam and I'm a community manager here at Instructables.

For Halloween in 2007 my kids were characters from the book "Where the Wild Things Are."

The Max costume is a simple jumpsuit with big fake buttons and a tail made from fake fur, along with a fleece crown. The Wild Thing outfit is a long sleeved shirt and pants made from flannel. The scales on the pants were drawn on with a Sharpie. Everything was made using homemade patterns.

The most difficult part was the headpiece for the Wild Thing. For details on the construction of the Wild Thing's headpiece, please see my instructable "Wild Thing Headpiece."



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    These are really cute. You are very skilled with this, I would never be able to do that.

    Thanks for the great instructions! I just made a muppet Animal costume and it looks great!

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    .Thats amazing! GREAT job! <3.

     A little late in posting this but wanted to say thanks for the help. My girlfriend and I made our costumes the day of our big party, and it was a hit.

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    Those look pretty good! That max wolfsuit hood looks familiar too... jessyratfink inspired? Very cool, thanks for the photo.

    Here is the finished product I got when I made the costume for my 8 year old.  He wanted more of a movie version of the costume. 


    my headpiece (thanks for the great idea / instructions)


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    That looks pretty good! 

    ...and the small dog was devoured shortly after this photo was taken, right?

    Nice costumes!  You guys look great.  Thanks for posting the photo!

    thank you for posting those photos. I used them as a jumping off point for my husband's wild thing costume. I spent yesterday making a mask for him. My son Max had his heart set on a wild things theme this year so i had to oblige :) Your instructions helped me immensely!  Mine's not as good as yours but my boys are happy (hubby and son)

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    Awesome!  I'm glad you were inspired.  If you're feeling at all show-offy, you can post a photo of the finished costumes here.  It's always fun to see other people's take on these.  Either way, have a great Halloween!

    I tried posting a photo of the mask but for some reason it didn't show up. I'll try again. I am planning on getting professional photos of them together when i have the body part of the wild thing completed. We only have the Max and mask done right now :) Okay i think i figured out photo posting on here :D My husband and son are very happy and excited. Hubby has wanted to do a Max costume since our son was born. (his name is Max)


    Good job!  Thanks for posting the photos.  Hopefully Max will get extra candy for your efforts!

    I like how you noted that they are from the book where the wild things are. because people are going to stop remembering that book when the movie comes out.


    How did you get the fleece attached to the actual crown?

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    Ah, I don't cover the crown very well, do I? (I made this long before I began using this site, so detailed photos were lacking.) The crown is actually ALL fleece. The purple ring at the bottom is stuffed with polyester fill, and the yellow top is two layers sewn together and turned right side out. Both sections were sewn separately, and then stitched together, with the rough edges matching up hidden in the inside. I hope that makes some sort of sense! If that is confusing, I can dig it out of storage and take some photos for you. Let me know.

    Absolutely beautiful! Would you consider selling the head part of the costume? (I hope I'm not insulting your heirloom and you don't mind me asking!) I've made the Max part of the costume for my little one, I don't think my capabilities quite stretch to the monster! If so, I can be reached at joeystevenson777(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope you have as much fun with the costumes this year. Thanks for your time! Joey

    I love this design and was wondering about dimensions of each step. Do you still have the measurements/design and if so could you email it to me at richard.lavender@uqconnect.edu.au ? Cheers for this mate!

    we did max and a wild thing in 2004. yours are awesome. i love the wild thing head!! you can check mine out in my flickr photostream. flickr.com/mommymae