Step 11: Step 4: Bumper attach

Attach the bumper wheel to the footrest using the bolt. Put washers between the wheel and the footrest and between the wheel and the nut to allow it to spin freely.  Note:   You may on occasion have to tighten the bolt as it will eventually work loose if the bumpers spin frequently from bumping into things.  Normally, the wheels don't move, so the bolt does not loosen.

I have to try this! My son has damaged all the walls in our house from the pedals of his chair. He's 10 and a crazy driver ?
<p>Yes lol. Don't blame your son too much for his crazy driving. My mother use to yell at me all the time about scratching her walls. She had a stroke a while back and had to try to use an electric chair herself. I tried to teach her how to drive her chair in the open on our driveway... and first thing she did was drive straight into me at full speed. Since than she has stuck to using a manual wheelchair. Power wheelchairs are much more difficult to drive than one might imagine.</p>
Nice instructable, but can somebody recommend a material to ease the pain caused by the footrest.I have used everything from mats, the yellowish cushion foams (don't know the name), shoes, socks but it still hurts after a few hours of use.I have started keeping my foot out of the footrest, but this hurts my back and the castors sometimes ride over my legs.I don't know what to do.
You can get raising leg rests I had mine changed to this type most chairs accept then then you can put your feet up anytime I had to get them because I got leg braces and couldn't reach the foot plates anymore because my legs wouldn't bend enough and my mum also has them because of edema (swelling) in her legs so has to keep them up maybe this type would suit you? <br>It's fun getting jealous looks at the hospital when the waiting times are long and I've got my feet up I mean id swap in an instant all they see is comfy leg rests they don't think why I might have them but it's funny
If the thin foam doesn't work, it sounds like your footrest need to be adjusted. They are probably up too high putting too much weight onto your feet. Most footrest are somewhat adjustable...can be raised and lowered, usually in half-inch increments. If you lower your footrest, you can then use the pads to make minor adjustments. For proper seating, the back of your upper legs should be flat with the seat and your feet just resting on the footrest. If the footrest are too high, the weight is off the front of the seat and onto your feet and lower back (rear of seat). You may find that you need different footrest or a raised seat cushion if you can't lower your footrest properly. If possible, you should see a trained physical therapist who specializes in wheelchair seating. Too much pressure on seat or feet can lead to pressure sores which can be extremely serious.
Thank you, let's see how it goes.My wheelchair does not have adjustable footrest but adjustable seat, i have raised it a bit.
I'm going to do the footrest pads on my wife wheelchair but the bumper won't work for her as she as a sports chair and its mostly the wheels that she hits of stuff that includes me
Fantastic! I actually came up with a better material for making the footrest pads. They sell in craft and dollar stores a thin foam material with a sticky back in a variety of colors like found at http://www.amazon.com/Darice-1035-55-12-Pack-Foamies-12-Inch/dp/B000JKVE6U/ref=sr_1_1?s=arts-crafts&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1376501610&amp;sr=1-1&amp;keywords=craft+foam+sheets+sticky+back<br>. I stick it onto a cut-out piece of plastic cross-stitch plastic similar to http://www.amazon.com/Darice-33029-Plastic-Canvas-12x18-Clear/dp/B001DEGKMO/ref=sr_1_3?s=arts-crafts&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1376501775&amp;sr=1-3&amp;keywords=cross+stitch+canvas (Also comes in a variety of colors. I sew the foam onto the cross-stitch canvas and put the velcro onto the plastic cross stitch canvas. It holds up much longer and looks nicer.<br>Feel free to ask me any questions! Good luck!<br>-Eric
This is such an amazing idea. I don't usually have a problem with foot rests but there are lumps carved out of a few doors and walls due to arm rest issues! <br>You've inspired me to do something similar to my arm rests (and do an instructable too :P)<br>I'll send you a link when I'm done!
Awesome! I've got a few nicks and lumps carved do to arm-rest issues as well! Look forward to seeing the instructable!
THis is a neat idea. And just so you know, they do make low temp glue guns. They might make it easier to glue the mats together without melting them. Now I know what I can do for my mom's wheelchair! Thanks for the great idea.
Glad I could be of help! Hehehe actually... my glue gun has a low temperature setting... but I was too impatient to wait for the glue gun to heat up :) Hope it works out good for you and your mom! :)
DRM; this is an excellent instructable - a good idea, well presented. My mom has recently begun using a collapsible &quot;push-style&quot; wheelchair and we are learning how to help her in and out, how to load into various cars, and how to safely push her over varied terrain. It's a challenge! Her footrests are a bit different from yours but I think her chair would benefit from your wheel re-purposing idea, protecting walls and her toes. Next time I see her, I'm going to check if we can make a similar mod to her chair. Thanks!
Your welcome!&nbsp; I'd love to hear if it works for your mom's chair :)<br />
i too think i will try this. I dont use a wheelchair often but when my chronic pain makes it to much to walk, or affects me legs making them numb a wheelchair is needed. My bigest issue is my feet often slide off the foot rests, so the shelf liner will really help with that. The other issue is if i am in so much pain i often lack stregth to make the chair move so my mom (who owns the chair, well 2 actural for when i need it and also for work with special needs children) well she pushes me... and i love my mom but she sucks at pushing a chair and is always hitting the feet into things haha.<br /> <br /> Thanks so much for this, will try it out soon.
The rubber works great for helping to keep feet from sliding!&nbsp; i know what ya mean about being pushed in a chair... i still remember getting banged into just about every wall there was when was being pushed about in manual wheelchair.&nbsp; Hope this helps!<br />
Functional and durable...those wheel can take quite a beating. The wheelchair should have come from the factory like that! Good work :-)<br />
Thank you so much!<br />
Great instructable, and very timely, too!&nbsp; I'm in a wheelchair part time, and you're right, those wretched footrests are very uncomfortable, even when you can place your feet on them without help. Thank you so much - I can't wait to add the pads to my wheelchair!<br />
I'm so happy that this instructable can help!&nbsp; Love to hear how they turn out!<br />
what a great idea. I work part time for a company that provides custom wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment. The method we've employed for years to protect walls in homes and our office from w/c bumps and scrapes are waist high Lexan sheeting. Works great but Lexaning an entire home isn't always practical or possible. These bumpers could probably help a number of clients. <br /> <br /> How well does average dry wall fare against them?
I try to avoid hitting walls whenever possible, but so far, the bumpers have kept me from scratching the drywall.&nbsp; Naturally, if one directly rams a wall at high speed, I suspect that these wheels will offer very little protection.&nbsp; I've only done some glancing blows to the walls in process of making turns.&nbsp; My old footrest would of gouged the walls... with the wheels, so far not a mark.<br />
Fascinating.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have a set of wheels off a pair of rollerblades that disintegrated.&nbsp; I&nbsp;knew&nbsp;I&nbsp;was keeping them around for something!<br /> <br /> Question:&nbsp;would it make a difference to grind the outside corner of the footrest so it's slightly rounded?&nbsp;&nbsp;Would it make the footrests less useful, comfortable, etc?&nbsp; <br />
My particular footrest were already rounded, but I don't think it is necessary, as long as the wheels extend beyond the corners.&nbsp; The wheels in effect will round the corners. <br />
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