Step 16: Signal Mirror and Signal Light

A CD is a good signal mirror to have. A small key chain red light is also a good signal.
<p>I am making one of these for my wilderness survival merit badge in Boy Scouts, and this is really helpful! Thx alot!!</p>
Still into preparedness i wonder?
i am tyying to make the smallest survival kit EVER SHALL I POST??
Not that having it on you is a problem, but it would be best to read it and remember it, so you don't take ten minutes trying to figure out can I eat this plant.
???<br>Your compasses show some disagreement<br>Whitch will you trust?<br>May be they are too close but that shows they are easy to fool by environment.<br>Take care if you plan to trust your life in those...
True. If actually in a wilderness and intending to survive, it might be worth investing in a decent compass (such as a Silva or prismatic type) and learning how to use it. Better navigation will enable you to get from a to b without getting lost and wasting calories, thus improving your chance of survival.<br>Perhaps those 2 little ones were giving bad readings due to the proximity of that huge metal bar! ;-)
ohh that! thats cause i just put them down the second before i took that picture
;-) Don't you mind about it, mine was a stupid consideration.<br><br>I bought a few compasses and many of them don't tell the same &quot;true&quot; north.<br>(Made in China? what's not Made in China anyway nowadays?)<br>I found that compasses with a rotating disk tend to be more error prone, I guess that they put the sticker over the disk with little care or something.<br>While with needle pointers errors are harder to make. <br>But again this is not a rule. It is always better to check them anyway...
yupp! its always good to check
Also, the trailer netting could be used as a hammock.
instead of plastic floats in your fishing kit, you can use ballons. (water bomb balloons would be ok)

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