Wilderness Survival Kit


Introduction: Wilderness Survival Kit

About: I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing! I love Electricity, Fishing, and The Great outdoors. I live in Connecticut, which is (in my opinion) the best state to explore the woods in.

Here are a few tips on surviving in the wilderness. If you are lost, DO NOT go far from where you are. If you have means to start a fire, you should only go about 30-40 feet and you should make sure you have A TON of wood because you probably would not want to tromp around in the woods 40 feet from a dying bed of burning coals in the middle of the night, While you can't see. So if you're lost, just make a small wood pile near your fire. If you are hurt, try to move around as lightly on the broken limb, so you might be able to gather materials to start a fire.....and a smokey one at that!



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    no offence man but this kit wouldnt keep you alive for 3 days. neither would your advice.

    for instance the poncho wouldn't hold up long in a slight breeze, nothing to boil water (the tinfoil would fail fast) so your looking at dehydration, a kitchen knife. your looking at 330 stainless at best, would lose its edge if you sneezed on it.

    id go on but i dont want to sound hateful. look at my kit for the basic needs. and look at punkhead58's kit and airth's kit for something more comprehensive

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    all the stuff in this kit is still a hell of a lot better than nothing

    Hey, thanks for the promotion!

    its good info and needs to be out there man, its not that often i see things worth promoting and when i do i make sure they are known

    Actually, the tin foil would not be what I would boil my water in, the coffee can would be what I would boil the water with. And in the winter and maybe the summer, I would have my water proof sweatshirt, my waterproof boots, possibly hip waders if I'm fly-fishing, or just having to cross a stream, and, about the kitchen knife, that would only be used if I was cleaning something I killed to eat, or it would be used to cut the meat that I cleaned off the animal that i killed, that would be cooked over the fire on some rigid metal netting with a coffee can full of water boiling away.

    theres absolutely no way that that light is 1000 lumens at 1 watt. Specifically, rechargeable via the sun, absolutely improbable. you would need a solar panel approx 3x3 feet and the light source would require 15 watts. If the light shown were to be as you specified it would need to charge for a multitude of years with a much larger capacitor/battery to light the led for one second. also i agree with okoshima.

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    its 100 lumens. i think my other flashight which has 8 white LEDs might possibly cut 1000 lumens. i also have a headlamp that might peak 500 lumens with new batteries.

    I think that your very mistaken about the 500 lumen headlamp as well as a 100 lumen light under any circumstances. A generic flashlight puts out about 20 lumens. A very expensive surefire light might put out 350 lumens. There's no way that you have a 500 lumen headlamp.

    they are LEDs which are probably ten times as bright

    Could you tell me the manufacturers of these extremely high output lights. Because if you are correct I would be interested in purchasing one

    they were estimates. i compared them to a 650 lumen flood light

    ok now i can believe the amount of lumens but i'm dubious about the effectiveness of the solar cell as a recharging mechanism

    i found this site: http://shop.hidcountry.com/LED-and-HID-Flashlights-s/149.htm?gclid=CJ_j5eXI_KwCFcbd4AodYyp-Tg the prices are a little high though most people could probably manage it.

    there is a first time for everything lol, not often I'm agreed with

    These are the areas that you are lacking in:

    Fire: Besides the candles, I don't see any tinder in this kit. If you replaced that wood with an equal amount of tinder, it would start a few dozen fires. However, that small pile of twigs you have there would barely last 20 minutes, IF you managed to light it. The forest floor is littered with tons of deadwood, but dry tinder is much harder to come by. Also, matches suck. They're a good last-ditch item, but please don't rely on them. Get a firesteel and a lighter.

    Shelter: You have plenty of cordage, which is great, but that disposable poncho wouldn't even hold up as a trash bag. As a matter of fact, you'd be better off with a thick garbage bag.

    Tools: You definitely need to invest in a good knife. Hell, go to Walmart and get the cheapest hunting knife they sell, for all I care! Anything would be better than that sheet-metal steak knife.

    You seem to have somewhat covered signaling/navigation, first aid, and water collection/purification. 3 out of 6. Not bad.

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    yeah for christmas im getting firesteel

    That's great, but remember to eventually get a better knife as well, whether it is a folder or a fixed blade, just as long as it is of decent quality. If you don't have much money, just pick up the cheapest one you can find at your local
    sports/ surplus/ department store.

    yes im also going to use the sporting goods store money i get to by this knife: