Picture of Wilderness Survival, The Altoids Way
A Survival kit that includes everything you need to survive, yet fits in your pocket and weighs less than 1lb!

Step 1: Contents

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I am just getting back to this and to think its been a year! Thanks for your input as it is finally summer here in western new york i plan to upload more instructable. Thank you!
Look on my grenade launcher instructable
I have and just did again :) I am quite a fan of all your instructables :) keep up the good work!
Interesting kit. What's in the straw?

Also, razor blades are weak and only good for specific purposes. Consider replacing low priority items (like the large bobber) with a reliable knife.

I recently uploaded an Altoids kit if you'd like to see how I did it.
mrbubbles9868 (author)  BudgetBugout2 years ago
the straw is a firestartwer that is stuffed with drier lint, and i replaced the bobber with a whistle with built in flashlight and i always carry a good knife on me, the razor is just in case of an extreme emergency, like if i lose my knife. thanks for commenting and the suggestions!