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Step 1: I Will Be Installing a Three Row Grape Trellis in the Orchard. the Rows Are Marked Off and Will Be 32 Feet in Length With an Additional 5 Feet on Each End for a H-brace Style Endpost.

<p>WOW! That's going to look great when it's all finished &amp; planted </p><p>Someone gave me a grapevine plant and it has produced tiny (&amp; tart) grapes. I didn't have an &quot;H&quot; brace, I tied it to my trellis. Does anyone know if I need another plant to make it grow better or do I need to train them to grow horizontally?</p>
<p>Not to criticize, but your 2x4&quot;H&quot; Brace is going to twist and possibly pull one or more of your end posts out of plumb, while using joist hangers is innovative, you want the brace post to float. Go to your local farm store and look for brace pins they come in 6&quot; and 10&quot; lengths. I believe they are 3/8&quot; in diameter (the 6&quot; lengths cost about $3.00 for 5) you want to notch your up-right posts to fit a &quot;round&quot; smaller or same size as the end posts , the notch can be square and about 3/4 of a inch deep( don't use 2x4s or landscape timbers) then drill through your up-rights in the center of the notch also drill in the center at each end of your brace post, pound the brace pins just past the inside of the up-right posts so you can mount the brace post between them, once mounted pound the brace pins further into the brace post.By doing this it allows the brace to float and it wont twist any end posts out of plumb...Your method will work for a couple of years but you will notice over time your end posts leaning both to one side or leaning opposite one another on both ends.</p>
<p>Hi Big Don, I am about to have a 20' long grape trellis built in my backyard. Do you think I need bracing for one this short? I know H bracing is the best, but one ag extension agent doesn't think I need bracing or tensioning devices. Thanks!</p>
FOODPLOTSURVIVAL: Thanks for a simple trellis plan.<br> <br> HT- I don't know what variety the author is planting, but I'll be growing Leon Millot, a red grape with good eating/juicing/winemaking qualities. I got cuttings this year from <a href="http://grapehousevineyards.com" rel="nofollow">http://grapehousevineyards.com</a><br> Rooting the cuttings will take time, and growing them out will take more time. By then, I should have a sturdy trellis built.<br> <br> DIY-Guy
Loved it. Which variety are you using? <br>

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