Picture of Wildnerness hardboiled egg!
I'm sure you have made hard boiled eggs before in a pot on a stove. But I don't believe you have ever made one in a paper cup in a campfire. That's right I said it IN not on the campfire. If you want to pretend you are a wilderness survivor and want to look cool making an egg with a cup found on the ground (don't recommend making it in a random cup on the ground, it may have germs) than look no further find an egg and boil it ( don't recommend taking an egg from the wild you may be fined by the forest ranger). I also think you could boil things other than eggs in the cup maybe boiled chicken? Just think of all the possibilities of cooking without a pan! So Lets get cooking!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this Eggcellent meal you will need
- A nice toasty campfire
- A paper cup (not Styrofoam, plastic, or hot cups)
- An egg ( not broken or rotten )
*Remember to keep refrigerated.
- And a pair of tongs
doo da do3 years ago
Looks like a 16oz cup, is that the right size?
Even if the cup had germs, the boiling would take care of that. :) Chemicals are a more worrying concern with found cups I think.
mole14 years ago
I like it! Would it work over a gas camp stove?
undftdking (author)  mole14 years ago
I haven't tried scientifically yes but the cup does get fragile on the bottom rim and may tip
I've often taught kids to boil water in a cabbage leaf. Like the paper cup, the leaf will burn down to the water level and then will boil. The trick to cooking something with this method is getting a leaf large enough to hold enough water to offset the loss of liquid through evaporation long enough to complete the cooking process and not burn through.