I suppose it's best I give the quick story behind this particular subject before I begin.

My youngest daughter has me draw the square sponge character quite often and I've become pretty creative in my depictions to retain mild interest. I thought it'd be neat to do a scary "SBSP" for this 'ible so I went Googling for a hi-res dish sponge image, figuring I'd get ample pics of the popular rectangular type with yellow sponge and a green scouring side; got bupkis. Then thought it'd be cool if I found a sponge image from an Instructable, possibly incorporate their 'ible into mine, so I did a search on the site for 'dish sponge'. Glanced through the thumbs, quickly found a nice source with awesome resolution. At the time, it was only a few down on the search. I had no idea who the author was until I looked at the bio information. Thought it was a righteous coincidence though, assuming it's the author's residence in the image. And judging by the author's appearance in the avatar, he's been to Weenie Hut Jr. more than once. For that matter, any of us who frequent this site are subject to Weenie Hut accusations.

It's believed Wilhelm used the word 'shredded' in a post on the website he founded, to describe the actor's condition when he was through with him. So, let's see what Wilhelm did to make alias Spring Boob Squire Pin the prime suspect in his whereabouts.

Step 1: Manipulation Art With Software

Seeing as there're x to nth tutorials for photo editing software, I thought I'd do an art lesson as opposed to a software lesson. When I need an abstract subject for whatever project, I often find myself creating the rough drafts in photo editing software. So perhaps this'll help others who aren't quite as artistic as they are skilled with the software. Or demonstrate to those artists without software skills how simple and intuitive most editors are. And I need to mention that I'm only offering artistic advice here. I've no professional experience with multimedia software other than personal entertainment.

So you'll need:

Photo editing software
Knowledge of the software
A high resolution subject to edit

I'll be using Gimp in this demonstration, but Photoshop, Pixlr, etc will work just as well.
I personally prefer Photoshop, but my files we're getting too large [with emulator running] and slowing performance.
Also, to keep it simple, I'll only be using a few basic tools which--even if you've never used them--are self explanatory once you fiddle with 'em.

The reason why you want a high resolution [hi-res] image is to retain detail, if that's what you're after anyway. When I refer to an image search in this 'ible, I'm always searching for hi-resolution images. If you have multiple clips from multiple sources, be sure the resolutions are indifferent.

Once you got your stuff, we can get creative.
The final result is totally creepy. I hope your daughter is suitably impressed.
Really well done.
Thank you!

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