Will It Centrifuge? (Part 1)





Introduction: Will It Centrifuge? (Part 1)

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What happens when things spend five minutes at 8,500 gravities?

Shall we find out, boys and girls?

I was going to do this as a video, but since you can't actually see anything happening inside the centrifuge, I decided that would be boring.



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    Would it, umm.... Be possible to make a centrifuge out of a bicycle tire and a weedwacker, where the weedwacker holds the tubes and the weedwacker is the motor?

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    The walls of my little centrifuge are half an inch thick and seem to be fibre-reinforced.

    Your wackifuge has (potentially) much greater energy stored in the the rotor - I think it could put a sample clean through a garbage can...

    Er, you should be!

    Think what a weed-wacker does to weeds - that's not because the wacker is sharp, just fast.

    Scale that up with a bicycle wheel - adding circumerancial speed and momentum, then the wackifuge has the genuine potential to remove limbs in an extremely messy way.

    Yeah, I suppose. I guess I'll be safer, like 2 garbage cans and I'll hide behind a brick wall. That seems safe enough...

    Add a remote-switch and I'll stop worrying that my projects have inspired you to bodily mutilation.

    I liked this a lot. It was interesting and showed some of the cool effects of a centrifuge. Also, (not that my opinion matters much, I'm 14!) I disagree with some of the other posts that state this is "boring" or useless. I think it's a great way to show some basic results from an experiment. I liked it. Oh, and where can I get a centrifuge? Or are they very expensive?

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    Thank you, and lack of age doesn't make your opinion irrelavent, lack of intelligence does (so you're fine)> The centrifuge costs about 80GBP, and the wall-wart was another seven. There are posts further down (May 5th) where I posted links to an online store.

    Thanks. I totally missed the links. I'd like to do some experiments using one of these so... I guess it's time to start saving up money!

    Or you could keep an eye out for Killerjackalope's "How to make a centrifuge" 'ible he has in the pipeline.

    Sounds promising. Centrifuges are really cool so I'm excited to start working with one!