Here i show to properly make a William Jones' Pi pie.  All of the steps and materials are provided in order to make this truly mathematical pie.  All of the bold digits are the first 30 numbers, in chronological order, of pi.  Enjoy this instructable more for the entertainment purposes rather than the practicality of what we are creating.


Step 1: Materials

(3 point)s before we begin:  The name of our Pi Pie comes from the name of the man who proposed the use of the greek symbol for pi as a representation of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  Secondly, this pie is much more pi related than pie related.  That leads to our third point- please DON'T actually attempt to make William Jones' Pi Pie because its probably dangerous, so enjoy this instructable for its mathematical goodness rather than its baked goodness.

On that note, it is time to gather your materials:

(1) Pie tin 
(4) Tablespoons of sugar
(1) Pre-made pie crust
(5) Oreos
(9) Slices/pieces of a certain fruit (we used apple slices)
(2) Graphing calculators
(6) Drops of math extract (purchased from our local office store)
(5) Pencils
(3) Protractors
(5) Tablespoons of butter
Cute :-)
Also, good luck on the contest!
Thank you!
Made me laugh. I'm glad you didn't really microwave the calculators.
Yeah, they wouldn't have responded so well to that.. We also didn't actually punch the protractors, but that wouldnt have been as dangerous to attempt haha
Math is delicious!

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