Step 8: Finished!

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bowback 2.jpg
tape chair 2.jpg
lamp table 2.jpg
settee & bench.jpg
This little table is great as an end table, a night stand, lamp stand, or plant stand. It is strong enough to support my weight, and you could use it as a stool if you add larger diagonal braces.

You can use this technique to create all sorts of willow furniture. Everything pictured was created with these guidelines:
Predrill Everything
Diagonal Bracing on every surface
assemble two surfaces as frames, then connect them with sides. Add diagonals and twig surfaces.

Happy Cuttin!
Wow, this is a great Instructable. I was looking for an inexpensive introduction to the topic of building furniture with willow, and yours is very clear. thanks so much.
Love all your twig furniture!!! Can't wait to get started on mine. I am using Mulberry branches for my little table. Can I use a nail gun for the entire project and bypass the predrilling? Thanks, GAiL
cfishy7 years ago
Isn't that green wood? I think windsor chairs used some round tenons to screw together green wood pieces but that involves some specific skills. I think this method is cool for things that don't have to withstand a lot of weight and shearing. I don't expect you can screw green wood together to form a strong joint, especially from end grain? if the wood is dry enough, using a dowel and glue may hold it much better.