Picture of Win at Solitaire every time! Or: How to cheat at Solitaire.
You can do a lot with a deck of cards. You can play games, throw them, perform with them, and even make a top hat. One of the most popular card games is Solitaire, included with every copy of Windows. This game is generally played alone, unless you have spectators, then you're playing alone with people watching you. With this Instructable, I will show you how to cheat at this game. Note that I did not create these myself. I do not know who did.

Step 1: Step No. 1

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To start, you must separate the cards according to suit. the cards can be in any order, because we'll get to that in the next step.
damasta6 years ago
nice, Bicycle Black Tiger I prefer the Tally Ho Viper (Circle) deck, but I have both and a vintage deck too
coolo52 damasta3 years ago
i prefer fan back over circle back but both are great
When i first saw this. I was like Oh My God Its WRIGHT I want a plush wright >.<
bdblock946 years ago
my sister hates me now I keep winning
hank88e6 years ago
Actually I have a question, I would like to know how to manipulate the game so that it deals random 4 of a kind on each deal. Have been searching for a long time for some solution. Thanks
cheata you're lame!
jonnxt7 years ago
it doesn't work with the vegas syle. vegas style: same as the other except: 3 cards drawn at a time only drawing the top card of the face-up pile & only allowed go through the stock 3 times.
ProfessorZ42 (author)  jonnxt7 years ago
There's a Vegas Style? Okay, I will add that to the intro. As soon as I get to it.
SoundMan7 years ago
very nicely written Instructables! this can also be the basis for a lot of mathematical card tricks! Have however noticed that in step 3, when you list the suits, you list hearts twice instead of hearts then diamonds, just so you know! Take care! Matt
ProfessorZ42 (author)  SoundMan7 years ago
Thank you! And thanks for noticing that mistake, it is now fixed.
you fixed that, but now you got spades twice.
ProfessorZ42 (author)  jonnxt7 years ago
Oh frick.
ProfessorZ42 (author)  ProfessorZ427 years ago
espboy7 years ago
I have a black tiger deck to, i strongly reccomend this deck, it is so awesome.
ProfessorZ42 (author)  espboy7 years ago
Along with the ghost deck, it gets excellent reactions from the spectators. And they're so smooth!
I like the vintage 1800's they look awesome and R smooth as silk (kinda.... lol)
Tally Ho Vipers are so much better. Especially if you like to flourish.
ProfessorZ42 (author)  Danielfish7 years ago
I've been thinking about getting a few, but I'm going to have to wait. I'm all out of monies.
your cards are cool :)
ProfessorZ42 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
ojochris7 years ago
You got the deck from ellusionist, didn't you? I have the same deck and the vintage 1800's...nice...
ProfessorZ42 (author)  ojochris7 years ago
Yep, got them at Ellusionist.