Step 7: Continue adding parts up the rod

Picture of Continue adding parts up the rod
Continue up the aluminum rod. Slide on a 1/2 in shaft collar, one of the plastic sail holders, and then another 1/2 in shaft collar. Pull the lower shaft collar up so it’s not resting on the top of the base and secure it to the rod with its set screw.  Then pinch the plastic sail holder with the shaft collar on top of it, and secure the assembly with a set screw. When you rotate the whole assembly by the shaft, it should rotate smoothly, and the sail holders should rotate with the shaft.

Cut out three sails for your wind turbine to catch the wind. There’s no right answer here, and you have a few different slots in the sail holders, so just use scissors to cut the aluminum flashing in a length you think will work. Then cut 1/2 in tabs into each corner to slide into the slots. Bend over the tabs to secure the sails.

Do the same shaft collar, sail holder, shaft collar assembly on the top of the sail to finish this section of the build.  It should spin with very little friction when you turn it by hand with the aluminum rod.