This is the earlier history of the downwind vertically driven shaft windcatcher and how I arrived at the final design for The Flying Lizard.

The name comes from the small lizards sucked up into the dust devils that frequent the Northern Nevada desert.

This first illustration is a necessity for anyone that whats to design a homebuilt windcatcher for the area he lives: the Windrose.

The WindRose tells you the prevalent direction and velocity of the winds in your area. They are usually available through NOAA.

Step 1: Doing the Math

Here's one of the first things the wind catcher will have to deal with. The Laws of Physics and how wind towers fall down. There's some important advice in the pdf file.
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Bravo on the new Instructable, CBWMB! I was shopping for hardware to implement a vertical shaft system yesterday and saw some chimney sweep rods (Ace Hardware) that I'm thinking about using in my breakdown design. They are 4 foot fiberglass rods with threaded metal ends. Thanks loads for all your sharing!

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